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 Hannes Mueller 

Hannes Mueller

PhD, London School of Economics
Researcher, IAE
Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professor
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IDEA; Economics of Public Policy


Hannes Mueller is a post-doctoral researcher at the Institute for Economic Analysis (IAE-CSIC).

 Research interests:

Political economy
Economic development
Organizational economics
Contract theory

 Selected publications:

Estimating the Peace Dividend: The impact of violence on house prices in Northern Ireland. American Economic Review, 102(2), 810-833, 2012 (joint with Tim Besley).

Thanks for Nothing? Welfare Effects of Not-for-Profits with Endogenous Matching. Journal of Public Economics, 95(1-2), 94-105, 2011 (joint with Maitreesh Ghatak).

"Pourquoi la Russie n'a-t-elle pas suivi la voie polonaise? Quelques leçons pour les economistes", Revue d'etudes comparatives Est-Ouest, 38, pp. 143-166, 2007.

 Working papers:

Feeling Useless: The Effect of Unemployment on Mental Health in the Great Recession (July 2015)
by Lídia Farré, Francesco Fasani, Hannes Mueller

Growth and Violence: Argument for a Per Capita Measure of Civil War (March 2014)
by Hannes Mueller

One Kind of Lawlessness: Estimating the Welfare Cost of Somali Piracy (April 2012)
by Tim Besley, Thiemo Fetzer, Hannes Mueller