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 José-Luis Peydró 

José-Luis Peydró

Barcelona GSE Research Professor
Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professor
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Finance, International Trade, Finance, and Development, Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets; GPEFM


José Luis is ICREA Research Professor at UPF and Research Associate of CREI. He previously worked at the European Central Bank, and has visited the International Monetary Fund, MIT Sloan, and Bank of Spain. He holds a PhD in Finance from INSEAD, a Master in Economics and Finance from CEMFI, and a BA in Economics from Universitat de Barcelona. He was awarded by the Government of Spain with the First Prize (Premio Nacional) to the student with highest GPA finishing a BA in Economics in Spain in 1998.

 Research interests:

Financial Crises
Macroeconomics and Credit Markets
Monetary Policy
International Finance
Public Policy (Macro & Micro-Prudential Supervision and Regulation, Central Bank policies)

 Selected publications:

Jiménez, G., Ongena, S., Peydró, J.-L., & Saurina, J. (2014). Hazardous Times for Monetary Policy: What Do Twenty-Three Million Bank Loans Say About the Effects of Monetary Policy on Credit Risk-Taking? Econometrica, 82(2), 463–505.

"Bank Risk-Taking, Securitization, Supervision, and Low Interest Rates: Evidence from the Euro Area and U.S. Lending Standards" (with Angela Maddaloni), Review of Financial Studies, 24, 2121-65, 2011.

“Interbank Contagion at Work: Evidence from a Natural Experiment” (with Rajkamal Iyer), Review of Financial Studies, 24, 1337-77, 2011.

"What Lies Beneath the Euro's Effect on Financial Integration? Currency Risk, Legal Harmonization, or Trade" (with Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan and Elias Papaioannou), Journal of International Economics, 81, 75–88, 2010.

 Working papers:

Interbank Liquidity Crunch and the Firm Credit Crunch: Evidence from the 2007-2009 Crisis (April 2013)
by Rajkamal Iyer, Samuel Da-Rocha-Lopes, José-Luis Peydró, Antoinette Schoar

Macroprudential Policy, Countercyclical Bank Capital Buffers and Credit Supply: Evidence from the Spanish Dynamic Provisioning Experiments (May 2012)
by Gabriel Jiménez, Steven Ongena, José-Luis Peydró, Jesús Saurina

Combating Corruption in International Business Transactions (October 2003)
by Juan-José Ganuza, Marco Celentani, José-Luis Peydró