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 Reinhilde Veugelers 

Reinhilde Veugelers

PhD, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Economics of Science and Innovation


Reinhilde Veugelers is currently an economic advisor at BEPA (Bureau of European Policy Analysis), European Commission, and a fellow at CEPR (Center for Economic Policy Research), London. She has been a visiting scholar/professor at Northwestern University, MIT, New York University, UCL (Belgium), ECARES/ UL Brussels, Paris I, Universitat Pompeu Fabra & Universitat Auṭnoma de Barcelona, University of Maastricht (Netherlands), and ULP-BETA (Strasbourg). She is currently on leave as a full professor in the Department of Applied Economics at the Catholic University of Leuven.

 Research interests:

Her research concentrates on the fields of industrial organization and international economics and strategy. She has authored numerous publications on multinationals and innovation in leading international journals. Specific topics include strategic aspects of foreign market competition, the effects of market integration on corporate strategy, incentives for innovation activities, international technology transfers through MNEs, impact on local R&D of multinational competition, internal and external technology sourcing, alliances and their stability, technology transfers through networking between research centers, industry–science links and their impact on innovative productivity and scientific productivity.

 Selected publications:

- "In Search of Complementarity in Innovation Strategy: Internal R&D, Cooperation in R&D and External Technology Acquisition", Management Science 52, 1, 68-82, 2006. (with B. Cassiman)
- "R&D Cooperation between Firms and Universities, some empirical evidence from Belgian Manufacturing", International Journal of Industrial Organisation 23, 5-6, 355-379, 2005. (with B. Cassiman)
- "R&D Cooperation and Spillovers: some empirical evidence from Belgium", American Economic Review 92, 4, 1169-1184, 2002. (with B. Cassiman)