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Students, alumni, and faculty participate in second annual BGSE Futsal Tourney

Teams of masters students, alumni, and faculty matched up in the second annual Barcelona GSE Futsal (indoor football) Tournament. After a morning of hard-fought matches, the faculty emerged as the surprise victors! After the tournament everyone enjoyed a community paella back on campus.

See photos from the tourney on Flickr

Kenneth J. Arrow

In memoriam: Kenneth J. Arrow (1921-2017)

We are deeply saddened by the news that Barcelona GSE Scientific Council member Kenneth J. Arrow has passed away at age 95.

Together with John R. Hicks, he was the recipient of the 1972 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics "for pioneering contributions to general economic equilibrium theory and welfare theory." 

"To measure Arrow you need extra-dimensions," said BGSE founder Andreu Mas-Colell. "The surprising thing about him is that he only got one Nobel Prize."

Professor Arrow was a member of the BGSE Scientific Council since the beginning, and we are grateful for the insights and advice he shared with us over the years. We will miss him very much at the 10th Anniversary Scientific Council Meeting this spring.

BGSE Chairman Ramon Marimon remembers Kenneth J. Arrow

Read Professor Arrow's Nobel Laureate Address (1972)

Barcelona GSE Lecture: "The Economy as an Interactive Information System"

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Rosa Ferrer and Luigi Pascali, nominees for "Vanguard of Science" Award

For the third year in a row, Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professors are among eight finalists for the "Vanguard of Science" (Vanguardia de la Ciencia) Award, organized by La Vanguardia newspaper and the Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation. A project by Rosa Ferrer (UPF and BGSE) and another by Luigi Pascali (UPF and BGSE) are up against six more top researchers from around the country.

Professor Ferrer's work, "Gender gaps in performance: evidence from young lawyers" (with G. Azmat) is forthcoming in the Journal of Political Economy

Professor Pascali's work, "The wind of change: Maritime technology, trade and economic development" is forthcoming in the American Economic Review.

The winner of the "Vanguard of Science" Award is decided by online voting of La Vanguardia readers, so please vote for one of the projects before February 28, 2017!

Vote now on the La Vanguardia website


Sascha Buetzer '11 (Macro) gives talk at TEDxGothenburg

In a new post on the Barcelona GSE Voice blog, Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets alum Sascha Buetzer '11 shares the experience of speaking at TEDxGöteborg:

“Last November I was given the unique opportunity to present my ideas to an audience that usually doesn’t get to hear much about the inner workings of the financial system and central banking. At the TEDx Conference “Spectrum” in Gothenburg, Sweden, I was one of 10 speakers who were given not more than 20 minutes to convey an “idea worth spreading...” 

Barcelona GSE Voice