PhD, Northwestern University

Pau Olivella is Associate Professor at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professor, Director of the Center for the study of the Organizations and Decisions in Economics and MOVE Research Fellow. He is Associate Editor of the Journal of Health Economics and Section Editor for the Elsevier on-line Encyclopedia of Health Economics.

Together with his coauthor Marcos Vera-Hernández (UCL), he was the 2013 recipient of the Royal Economic Society Prize.

He was director of the Barcelona GSE Master Program in Health Economics and Policy (2011-2014).

Barcelona GSE Working Papers

Pau Olivella and Fred Schroyen

Multidimensional Screening in a Monopolistic Insurance Market

Daniel McFadden, Carlos Noton and Pau Olivella

Remedies for Sick Insurance

Begoña Garcéa-Mariñoso, Xavier Martínez-Giralt and Pau Olivella

Bundling in Telecommunications