Course overview

The Barcelona GSE Intensive Course on Competition in Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Services will provide participants (whether lawyers or economists, working for firms or in agencies) with a thorough understanding of the crucial role of competition enforcement in pharmaceutical and healthcare markets, by looking at the economic dimension of the most recent debates and cases.

The program's faculty includes leading academic and professional economists in the area of competition in pharmaceutical and healthcare markets, with extensive experience in the application of economic analysis to the competition enforcement in these sectors.

The course has a practical focus that makes it ideal for professionals and practitioners. Though the approach is non-technical, academics and PhD students will also benefit from the applied perspective of the sessions.

The course will be structured in eight two-hour sessions covering the interplay between competition, innovation and affordability in pharma, price discrimination, parallel trade, exploitative abuses, exclusionary abuses, pay-for-delay agreements, merger control, and the introduction of competition in healthcare systems with significant public financing and provision. Recent, prominent competition cases and policy decisions will be used to illustrate the main topics of the course.

In addition to the eight sessions of the course, all participants will be invited to attend a special lecture by Prof. Guillem López-Casasnovas on the value, cost and adoption of healthcare innovation, and the role of competition in this broader context.

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Key benefits

  • Understand the role of competition policy in the pharmaceuticals and healthcare sectors
  • Acquire an understanding of the several types of anticompetitive conduct that can be found in the pharmaceuticals and healthcare sectors
  • Understand the interaction between pharmaceutical and healthcare regulation and competition policy
  • Identify the dynamic trade-offs and complementarities between incentives to innovate, competition and access for healthcare
  • Review and understand the key economic considerations behind prominent competition cases in pharmaceuticals and healthcare
  • Learn to assess the regulatory risk of a large firm's conduct
  • Understand the role of competition in the wider framework of healthcare regulation and public health