Labor related issues have been studied in the economics profession from a number of different angles. The goal of the Barcelona Labor Economics Summer School is to cover a wide range of topics in labor economics from a variety of perspectives.

In particular, this summer school offers courses that will cover recent developments within the macro-labor and micro-labor contexts. In each course, both theoretical and empirical aspects will be covered as well as economic policy. These courses should be of interest to graduate students or academics who want to expand their knowledge in the area and to practitioners interested in understanding the fundamentals of these issues. During the courses, faculty are available to discuss research ideas and projects with the program participants.

Who will benefit from this program?

Given the wide range of topics covered in the courses, candidates who would benefit from the labor economics summer school include:

  • PhD and master students in Economics (or other social sciences) who want to further their knowledge in labor issues, or whose dissertation focuses on the labor market or related topics
  • Researchers and professionals from public institutions and policy-oriented institutions whose work would benefit from exposure to the latest advances in academic research of the labor market or related topics
  • Holders of undergraduate degrees in Economics (or other social sciences) who wish to complement their background with a comprehensive overview of the labor market from a variety of perspectives

Course schedule

The schedule of the Barcelona Labor Economics Summer School is designed to allow students to participate in all courses offered. However, courses can also be taken individually.

time table

All courses include 10 hours of lecture time.

Want to mix and match courses in different Summer School programs?

Compare Summer School program schedules [pdf]

Program directors

Maia Güell

Professor, University of Edinburgh

Course offer for Summer 2016

July 4-8 | 9:00-11:00

Lectures on the Economics of Education

Instructor: Derek Neal (University of Chicago)

July 4-8 | 11:30-13:30

Global Health

Instructor: Alessandro Tarozzi (UPF and Barcelona GSE)

July 4-8 | 15:00-17:00

Worker Mobility in Globalized Labor Markets: Causes and Consequences of Migration

Instructor: Joan Llull (UAB and Barcelona GSE)

  • Time tables are designed to allow participation in multiple courses.
  • See below for course outlines and instructor biographies.