Digital technologies have dramatically reduced the costs of storing, processing and transferring information. This workshop will bring together researchers seeking to understand how these changes affect production, transfer and consumption of information. The information may be the output, as in digital journalism and social media, or an input for organizing activities or used for targeting and influence. This year’s workshop will emphasize how digital platforms and algorithms gather and process information to mediate economic interactions, focussing on crowdfunding, innovation, finance, work and the sharing economy.

We particularly encourage submissions addressing impacts on welfare and inequality as well as creative solutions to the ethical and democratic challenges. Most participants will use tools from industrial organization, mechanism design, social networks and media economics, but contributions from philosophy, finance and computer science are more than welcome. We seek theoretical, empirical and conceptual contributions on topics such as:

  • Algorithms, Mechanism Design, Finance, Entrepreneurship
  • Crowdfunding, Crowdsourcing, Sharing Economy and Work
  • Platform competition and abuse of dominance, Regulation
  • Privacy, Advertising, Targeting, Discrimination
  • Digital Media, Journalism, Search Engines, Online Social Networks

Keynote speakers

Workshop organizers