Academic Director's Remarks

directorThe Barcelona Graduate School of Economics offers high-quality academic programs in an innovative research environment. The School’s world-class teaching faculty and its research community create opportunities for interaction with academics and practitioners at the forefront of research and expertise in their fields.

Barcelona GSE master programs provide an intensive, rigorous graduate education on par with other elite institutions in Europe and the United States. With faculty and students from more than 60 different countries, during their master year Barcelona GSE students are immersed in a rich, cross-cultural environment that provides invaluable context for their studies.

What makes our master programs truly unique is their combination of theoretical and applied perspectives. A wide variety of specialized courses within each program allows students the flexibility to hone the skills and knowledge they require in order to achieve their academic or professional objectives. This approach makes the programs an ideal stepping stone to entry into a competitive doctoral program, as well as robust training for top jobs in economics and finance-related professions.

As the excellent placements of our alumni clearly show, Barcelona GSE graduates fill a need in today's knowledge-based economy for employees and scholars with exceptional preparation and a global perspective, capable of anticipating and meeting the evolving challenges of our world.

Graduate education at the Barcelona GSE rests upon the foundations of two renowned international doctoral programs: the Graduate Program in Economics, Finance and Management (GPEFM), jointly organized with Pompeu Fabra University (UPF); and the International Doctorate in Economic Analysis (IDEA), jointly organized with the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).

In addition to master programs, the Barcelona GSE offers two types of continuing education programs: summer schools and professional courses. Our continuing education offer is designed for those researchers, professionals and graduate students who seek to build expertise in specific fields of knowledge such as banking, microeconometrics, macroeconometrics, labor economics, competition economics and systemic risk and prudential regulation.

I'd like to welcome you to our website, where you can find detailed information about our programs, faculty and student life. The Barcelona GSE team and I look forward to helping you in the pursuit of your personal and professional goals.

Prof. Ada Ferrer-i-Carbonell
Deputy Director for Academic Programs
Barcelona Graduate School of Economics