Placement results for Data Science Program 2016

First placements reported by Data Science Class of 2016 alumni to Barcelona GSE Career Services within six months of graduation. (First placement is the professional position or academic program the graduate chose immediately after completing the master's degree.)

Examples of professional placements in the Data Science Class of 2016:

  • Everis Group - Data Analyst (Barcelona)
  • Hungarian Ministry for National Economy - Research Associate (Budapest, Hungary)
  • INDRA - Technology Analyst (Barcelona)
  • Kernel Analytics - Data Scientist (Barcelona)
  • Morgan Stanley - Quantitative Model Developer (Budapest, Hungary)
  • Nine Connections - Machine Learning Developer (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • Rhode Island Innovative Policy Lab - Data Scientist (Providence, RI, USA)
  • Stratagem Technologies - Reinforcement Learning Research (London, UK)
  • UNICEF - Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist (Kinshasa, Congo)
  • Zeb Consulting - Consultant (Hamburg, Germany)

Data Science placement trends

First placements reported by Data Science graduates from the first two cohorts (Class of 2015, 2016)