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This week, the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics (Barcelona GSE) published the results of a survey conducted by the World Wellbeing Panel (WWP) which asked a panel of international experts about “Large companies and employees’ wellbeing.”

Most of the 19 experts who responded agreed that wellbeing of workers in casual employment in large companies (such as Uber drivers, delivery jobs, and big chains) is lower than in more independent jobs (such as owning a business or working for a small company).

Almost all the panelists also agreed that favorable tax policies for large companies are bad for wellbeing over time. They argued that such policies could lead to a race to the bottom for welfare provision, with large companies shopping around for favorable low taxes, putting an excessive burden on small companies and the many casual workers who work in them.

The experts warned that policies favoring large companies have the potential to destroy small companies and the overall wellbeing of society.

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