11th annual Barcelona GSE Summer School attracts nearly 600 participants

This summer, The Barcelona Graduate School of Economics held the eleventh Summer School event, which saw nearly 600 people attend.

Each year, the Barcelona GSE holds a diverse range of short courses over a two week period in economics and related fields. The programs are aimed at researchers, professionals and graduate students who want to improve their competencies in specific fields of knowledge. The participants this year had a wealth of experience between them, with the majority of them coming from research and academic institutions as well as the banking and financial services. The Barcelona GSE takes great pride in creating a summer school program each year that is taught by renowned academics and leading practitioners. As a result, the courses draw talented participants from around the world, with 77 different nationalities participating this year.

The Summer School programs this year included:

Barcelona Banking Summer School 

Barcelona Competition Economics Summer School

Barcelona CREI Macroeconomics Summer School

Barcelona Data Science Summer School

Barcelona Finance Summer School

Barcelona Labor Economics Summer School

Barcelona Macroeconometrics Summer School

Barcelona Microeconometrics Summer School


Barcelona GSE Competition and Market Regulation alum, Ferenc Peto, who is now working at  Compass Lexecon, provided the following feedback after attending the Panel Data Linear Analysis and Econometrics of Cross-section Data with Applications summer school program: “Having finished my studies several years ago, the course provided a very useful refresher and overview of available cross-sectional and panel methods. It also introduced a few econometic techniques that I was less familiar with, thus broadening my understanding of available econometric techniques.”

Tomas Karel attended the Macroeconometrics course on Bayesian Time Series Methods and explained how he “really loved the course. It was exactly what I expected. Prof. Koop is a really renowned scientist and an excellent teacher as well. The organization of the Summer School was of a really high professional level and all the staff were always ready to help you.”

Samo Varsik, Analyst at Education Policy Institute, attended the Data Science program and commented that it “provided valuable basics in the most common data science and machine learning techniques in both supervised and unsupervised learning. (I) would definitely recommend to all those wishing to get an introduction to data science”.

Photos from the 2017 Barcelona GSE Summer School can be found here.