13th Barcelona GSE Economics “Trobada”


The event featured a roundtable on a new data initiative, ERC Advanced Grant projects, and presentations of new Affiliated Professors.

On October 16, faculty from the Barcelona GSE’s academic units met for the 13th annual Economics Trobada at CCCB in downtown Barcelona.

The "Economics Trobada" is a gathering of Barcelona GSE affiliated professors that marks the beginning of the academic year, introduces new affiliated professors and their work to the research community, and serves as a venue for debate and idea exchange on current Economics issues.

Welcome to new faculty

Two new Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professors presented their research at the Trobada this year. Javier Fernández-Blanco (UAB and Barcelona GSE), who joined the community in 2014-15, presented his paper, “On the Effects of Ranking by Unemployment Duration.” Alexander Frug (UPF and Barcelona GSE) presented “Strategic Gradual Learning and Information Transmission.”

New Affiliated Professors we welcome into the Barcelona GSE community in 2015-16 are:

faculty Isaac Baley (UPF and Barcelona GSE)
PhD, New York University
Research interests: Macroeconomics, Information Frictions, International Economics
faculty Alexander Frug (UPF and Barcelona GSE)
PhD, Tel Aviv University
Research interests: Information Economics, Game Theory, Economic Theory
faculty Manuel García Santana (UPF and Barcelona GSE)
Research interests: Macroeconomics: Trade, Growth and Development
Sandro Shelegia Sandro Shelegia (UPF and Barcelona GSE)
Research interests: Industrial Organization, Game Theory, Political Economy
faculty Timo Sohl (UPF and Barcelona GSE)
PhD, University of St. Gallen
Research interests: Corporate Strategy, Business Models, Economies of Scope, Resource Redeployment
faculty Piotr Zwiernik (UPF and Barcelona GSE, from January 2016)
PhD, University of Warwick
Research interests: Mathematical Statistics, Probabilistic Graphical Models, Models with Hidden Variables, Algebraic Statistics

Senior researchers share ERC projects

In addition to presentations by new faculty, this year’s Trobada program included sessions with two recipients of Advanced Grants from the European Research Council (ERC):

Jan Eeckhout (UPF and Barcelona GSE)
Principal Investigator, “Labor Market Risk and Skill Diversity: Implications for Efficiency, Policy, and Estimation”

Albert Marcet (ICREA-IAE and Barcelona GSE)
Principal Investigator, “Asset Prices and Macro Policy when Agents Learn”

Roundtable: Creating a Registry Level Dataset for Catalonia

The Trobada roundtable always focuses on a current, relevant issue in Economic research, and this year was no exception. Panelists spoke about the challenges and opportunities of conducting research with large datasets, and also gave the audience a sneak peak at a new collaboration between the Barcelona GSE and the Statistical Institute of Catalonia (IDESCAT) which aims to create a registry-level dataset for Catalonia.

Roundtable panelists:

More details about this new project will be announced over the next few weeks.

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The Trobada is one of the Barcelona GSE research activities supported by the Severo Ochoa Excellence Program.