14th BGSE Economics "Trobada" features roundtable on "The Future of Europe"


The 14th annual Economics "Trobada" took place on October 14, 2016 at the Col·legi d'Economistes de Catalunya.

Over 90 Barcelona GSE affiliated professors, students, and friends participated in this yearly academic gathering where four new affiliated professors presented their research and a panel of faculty experts held a roundtable on "The Future of Europe."

Welcome to seven new Barcelona GSE affiliated professors

The "Trobada" is the first opportunity for new affiliated professors to meet the entire BGSE research community. This year, seven new affiliated professors joined the BGSE academic units:

This year, two of the new affiliated professors are themselves graduates of the Barcelona GSE master's programs. Professor Cerigioni and Professor Milan both graduated from the Economics Program and are the first masters alumni to return to the Barcelona GSE as affiliated professors.

Professor Cerigioni was also one of the four new faculty to present his research at the "Trobada" this year:

  • Francesco Cerigioni, "Familiarity and Choice"
  • Dávid K. Nagy, "Geography Matters, but How Much? Making Economic Geography a Quantitative Field"
  • Luis Rojas, "Expectations Formation and Optimal Taxation"
  • Raül Santaeulàlia, "Labor Share in the Long and the Short Run"

Roundtable: "The Future of Europe"

Barcelona GSE Research Professor Jaume Ventura (CREI, UPF and BGSE) chaired the "Trobada" roundtable that focused on challenges for finance, migration, and politics in Europe today and for the future. The participants were experts from the BGSE community who specialize on these topics:

The topic provided the opportunity for a multifaceted analysis of what lies ahead for Europe, and also presented several areas where research could better inform the evolution of European institutions in the coming years.

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