2011 PhD job market results for GPEFM and IDEA graduates


Placements are now complete for 2011 PhD graduates of the Graduate Program in Economics, Finance and Management (GPEFM) at Universitat Pompeu Fabra and the International Doctorate in Economic Analysis (IDEA) at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, the reference doctoral programs of the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics.

Many GPEFM and IDEA graduates accepted tenure-track positions in universities and research institutions including: Stanford Graduate School of Business and University of Notre Dame in the United States; University of Aberdeen and University of Edinburgh in the UK; Universidad Carlos III, Universitat de Barcelona, and University of Amsterdam in Europe.

Some of the newly-minted PhDs have entered the professional world, taking jobs as economists, senior economists, and associates at the European Central Bank, JPMorgan-Chase, and the Inter-American Development Bank, among others.

Both GPEFM and IDEA enjoy a close link with the Barcelona GSE, sharing faculty and resources. Many Barcelona GSE masters students aspire to continue their studies in a top level doctoral program and seek admission into the GPEFM and IDEA programs after completing the Barcelona GSE master degree. In the Class of 2011, 12 Barcelona GSE masters alumni entered the second year of the official master that precedes entry into the programs. 

2011 Placements for GPEFM and IDEA Doctoral Program Graduates

Name Program Placement
Balart, Pau IDEA Universidad Carlos III
Burlon, Lorenzo IDEA Universitat de Barcelona
Golez, Benjamin GPEFM University of Notre Dame
Grechyna, Darina IDEA University of Auckland
Hoffman, Peter GPEFM

European Central Bank


Klinkowska, Olga IDEA University of Aberdeen
Koudijs, Peter GPEFM Stanford Graduate School of Business
Li, Nan IDEA Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, China
Lucena, Abel Ernesto GPEFM Universidad de las Islas Baleares
Ormeño, Arturo GPEFM University of Amsterdam
Pereira Garmendia, Diego Walter GPEFM

JPMorgan-Chase New York

Associate-Americas Emerging Markets-Investment Bank

Puerta, Juan Manuel GPEFM

Inter-American Development Bank (Washington)


Sessa, Luca GPEFM Banca d'Italia
Senior Economist
Troumpounis, Orestis IDEA Universidad Carlos III
Ugarte, Alfonso GPEFM

BBVA - Research Department

Senior Economist

Zymek, Robert GPEFM University of Edinburgh

Sources: GPEFM and IDEA


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