Another successful job market for GSE reference doctoral program graduates


Another successful job market for GSE reference doctoral program graduates

Placements are now complete for 2010 graduates of the GPEFM program of the UPF and the IDEA program of the UAB, the reference doctoral programs of the Barcelona GSE.

Many graduates accepted tenure-track positions in universities and research institutions including European University Institute (Florence), London School of Economics, Universidad de Guanajuato (Mexico), and Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (Chengdu, China).

Others have entered the professional world, taking jobs at NERA Economic Consulting, Bank for International Settlements (Basel, Switzerland), Goldman Sachs (United Kingdom), and other top companies.

The Graduate Program in Economics, Finance and Management (GPEFM) of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra and the International Doctorate in Economic Analysis (IDEA) of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona enjoy a close link with the GSE, sharing both faculty and resources. Many students at the Barcelona GSE aspire to continue their studies in a top level doctoral program and seek admission into the GPEFM and IDEA programs after graduating from the GSE master programs. In the Class of 2009-10, 18 students entered the second year of the official master that precedes entry into the programs. 

2010 Placements for GPEFM and IDEA Doctoral Program Graduates

Name Program Placement
Aparicio, Ainhoa GPEFM Collegio Carlo Alberto
Berasaluce, Julen IDEA University of Guanajuato, Mexico
Berger, Stefan GPEFM NERA Economic Consulting
Cecioni, Martina GPEFM Banca d'Italia
Coronado, Francisco Javier GPEFM NERA Economic Consulting
Eksi, Ozan GPEFM TOBB University of Economics and Technology
Farooqui, Shikeb GPEFM European University Institute (Florence)
Fleiss, Pablo GPEFM International Labour Organization (UN)
Forlati, Chiara GPEFM Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Guo, Bing IDEA Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Jurecka, Magdalena IDEA Bank for International Settlements, Basel, Switzerland
Klinkowska, Olga IDEA University of Aberdeen, Scotland
Kolev, Gueorgui GPEFM London School of Economics
Kwiatkowski, Andrzej IDEA University of Dandee (United Kingdom)
Liang, Pinghan IDEA Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (Chengdu, China)
Lüthi, Eva GPEFM KPMG London
Silli, Bernhard GPEFM Goldman Sachs (United Kingdom)
Todeschini, Federico GPEFM Universitat d'Alacant
Turino, Francesco GPEFM Universitat d'Alacant
Ursino, Giovanni GPEFM Catholic University of Milan

Sources: GPEFM and IDEA

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