Barcelona GSE Graduates its Second Master Class

The Barcelona Graduate School of Economics celebrated the graduation of its second class of master students this past Friday, July 3, 2009. The ceremony took place at 16.30h and was hosted by Caixa Catalunya at Casa Milà (La Pedrera). A total of 127 students from 30 different countries received their diplomas. Over 80% of the graduates came from countries outside of Spain: Germany, Italy, Turkey, the United States, Mexico and Brazil were among the countries with the largest representation.

Josep Mateu, president of FemCAT and general manager of RACC, delivered the graduation remarks. Also participating in the ceremony were representatives of the rectors of the UPF and the UAB who, together with Barcelona GSE chairman Andreu Mas-Colell, presented diplomas to the graduates.

In his remarks, Mr. Mateu highlighted the combination of the students’ individual talent, the training they have just received, and the drive to create and innovate as essential factors for staying at the top of any profession. He noted that talent is the sum of ability and commitment. He encouraged the graduates to strive to be good professionals and to compete not "against" but rather "for the benefit" of others.

"The job of a graduate like you is not limited to your place of work," Mr. Mateu told the students. "It has to go beyond in order to try to make the society you are living in better."

Speakers deliver their remarks at the ceremony. From left to right: Mr. Miquel Perdiguer (Obra Social de Caixa Catalunya); Dr. María Morràs (UPF); Prof. Andreu Mas-Colell (UPF-GSE); Dr. Jaume Farrés (UAB); and keynote speaker Mr. Josep Mateu (FemCAT)

Graduates from the Master in the Economics of Science and Innovation Class of 2009, at the Casa Milà (La Pedrera) before the graduation ceremony.

Ms. Julia Krein Rocha (Master in Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets) was the selected student speaker at the ceremony. In addition to acknowledging the achievements of her fellow graduates, Ms. Krein Rocha stressed the importance of close friendships with classmates formed over the course of the master. She remarked that the time spent outside of class - a ski trip to Andorra, birthday celebrations, and other social activities - resulted in a strong group bond that helped students get through the most difficult and stressful moments of the year.

Prof. Mas-Colell closed the ceremony by congratulating the new graduates and inviting them to stay connected with the Barcelona GSE in the future. One way they might do so is by joining the Alumni Network of former GSE students. The objective of the Alumni Network is to reinforce the student and alumni community of the School, and to facilitate the exchange of best practices, job opportunities, and professional advice. Graduates might also choose to participate in the GSE groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media networks where the School maintains a presence.

Following the ceremony, graduates enjoyed a cocktail reception that included cava and other refreshments in the Sala Gaudí of Casa Milà (La Pedrera) with family and friends, who came to Barcelona from all over the world to celebrate. Several GSE Affiliated Professors and program directors, as well as 30 GSE alumni, were also in attendance. Graduates received a commemorative "gradbook" and a Moleskine notebook imprinted with the GSE logo as a small gift from the School. The festivities continued into the night as the newly minted alumni joined graduates from previous years for a party at Club Otto Zutz in the trendy neighborhood of Gràcia.

Graduates receive their hard-earned diplomas and a hearty handshake from GSE Chairman Andreu Mas-Colell.

GSE Affiliated Professor and Executive Director of the Master in Competition and Market Regulation Juan-José Ganuza (UPF) chats with Mr. Michael Berberich '09 at the reception.

Many students were able to complete their studies thanks to the support of scholarships offered by several companies and institutions, such as Repsol YPF, Abertis, Telefónica, Fundación Carolina, Enagás, MSD, Autoritat Catalana de la Competència, Patronat Catalunya Món, Biocat i the UAB Research Park. Scholarships from additional sponsors will be added for the next academic year. These financial awards help the School attract the best and brightest international students, like those graduating in this year's class.

Barcelona GSE Class of 2009

A total of 127 students from 30 different countries graduated from the GSE in 2009. Over 80% of the graduates came from countries outside of Spain. Germany, Italy, Turkey, the United States, Mexico and Brazil were among the countries with the largest representation.



Albrizio Silvia Italy
André Cédric Germany
Bülbül Serap Turkey
Chisholm Simon United Kingdom
Cobas Barqué Paula Uruguay
Cornadó i Vidal Maria Spain
Crespo Elizondo Rodrigo Mexico
Dallari Pietro Italy
Eren Egemen Turkey
Fialho Priscilla Vieira Portugal
Frye Dustin United States
Giannone Elisa Italy
Gibert Rivas Anna Spain
Gómez González Patricia Spain
Gómez Tello Alicia Spain
Jemec Natasa Slovenia
Karitter Anselm Germany
Kolaska Thomas Maximilian Johann Germany
La Rosa Basurco José Alfredo Peru
Magnolfi Lorenzo Italy
Marrone James United States
Martinez Carrasco Miguel Angel Peru
Milán Solé Pau Spain
Moore Kyle Canada
Mosso Stefano Italy
Osnago Alberto Italy
Papaioannou Frantzeska Greece
Perdomo Strauch Alvaro Andrés Colombia
Perelmuter Schein Nicole Uruguay
Pérez Forero Fernando José Peru
Polivin Oleg Russia
Ramachandran Nikhil India
Robatto Roberto Italy
Romano Livio Italy
Saiovici Gady Brazil
Schlupp Fabian Jan Rene Germany
Simmons David Thomas United Kingdom
Simonovsky Yamila Yael Argentina
Stahl Jörg Rolf Germany
Talamàs Eduard Spain
Vidal Berastain Xavier Spain


Bretón Muñoz Marcelo Uruguay
Bruckmann Jan Germany
Buchholzer Ralph Alexander Germany
Cabrera Martínez Javier Spain
Correia Sergio Portugal
De la Vega Fernández Mauro Uruguay
Forero Laverde German Spain
Göksen Melike Turkey
Gomez Vega Federico Manuel Argentina
Güven Serhat Turkey
Kazemieh Robin Germany
Körber Lena Mareen Germany
Krös Alexander Germany
Kumdereli Arman Turkey
Liuyang Tingting China
Mare Davide Salvatore Italy
Mateo Dilme Lluís Spain
Nieto Acostamadiedo Adriana Maria Colombia
Rivero Giorgio Italy
von Rotberg Wolf Gottfried Freiherr Germany
Sandicchi Giacomo Italy
Teymen Ekin Turkey
Wehmeijer Wouter Reinier Netherlands

Competition and Market Regulation

Berberich Michael Markus Germany
Carol Borja Spain
Cervetto Michele Italy
Dewulf Stéphane Belgium
Farina Giorgia Italy
Fruhmann Laura Germany
Garcia Ayala Rodrigo Javier Bolivia
Mordoh Arik United Kingdom
Morris Jake Ireland
Perca López Karla Antuaneth Peru
Ruiz GarcÌa Carlos Alberto Spain
Sánchez Salinas Manuel Mexico
Villa Andrea Italy
Wilpshaar Annemiek Netherlands

International Trade, Finance, and Development

Bakman Vera United States
Campanella Edoardo Italy
Corcoran Edward United Kingdom
Hajduciková Zuzana Slovakia
Hamerlynck Jasper Gunnar Alexander Belgium
Koczwarski Joel Canada
Martínez Rodriguez Abel Spain
Montecino Juan United States
Pugliese Donatella Italy
Raudsepp-Hearne Rory Canada
Rimkute Laura Lithuania
Rodrigues Inês de Almeida Paiva Fernandes Portugal
Sorelli Simone Italy
Taylan Kemal Alp Turkey
Uñó González Sara Spain
Veil-Hèraud David Paul Gerhard France
Walton Alex Michael United States
Yousefi Simin Iran

Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets

Aparicio Terrasa Gabriel Spain
Arqué Gerard Spain
Bartolozzi Guglielmo Italy
Carvalho Marcela Elissa Cardoso Macedo Brazil
de Carvalho Meza Joao Victor Brazil
Demski Jakub Poland
Fernández Caballero Laura Spain
Fernández Herrero Laura Spain
Gili Giovanni Italy
Grünwald Novoa María Carolina Chile
Krein Rocha Julia Brazil
Matuda Priscila Hiromi Jinno Brazil
Vásáry Zoltán Hungary
Vieiro Cobas Javier Argentina
Wang Xuedong China

Economics of Science and Innovation

Araujo Serrano David Ignacio Ecuador
Arrieta Alvarez Ixchell Mexico
Bourgeois Ronan France
Boutkam Corné Teunis Johannes Netherlands
Conesa Martí Cristina Spain
Frieling Christopher Germany
Fuster Martí Enric Spain
Gil Morral Miquel Spain
Kos Maciej Rafal Poland
Lavery Patrick Ireland
Lorenzo i Moldero Ivan Spain
Moreno Andres Francisco Javier Spain
Morón Cárdenas Kelly Marcela Peru
Santos Junior Antonio Henriques dos Brazil
Schillebeeckx Maximiliaan Albert Belgium

Students received gradbooks and a gift from the School before proceding to a cocktail reception with friends, family, professors, and alumni from previous years.

Graduates from the 2009 Master in Competition and Market Regulation. A total of 127 students in 6 master programs received their diplomas from the Barcelona GSE this year.

In his remarks, Mr. Mateu encouraged students to compete not against others, but for their benefit.

Student speaker Ms. Julia Krein Rocha recalled class ski trips and birthday celebrations as well as late nights in the library in her remarks at the ceremony.


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