Barcelona GSE Intensive Course on Systemic Risk and Prudential Policy


Economists, analysts, and researchers from the public and private sectors attended the second edition of the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics continuing education course on Systemic Risk and Prudential Policy from May 22-25, 2013.

The Systemic Risk and Prudential Policy course is part of the Barcelona GSE's continuing education offer for executives, professionals and academics. The course's objective is to present state of the art research on systemic risk and to illustrate its implications for micro and macro prudential regulation.

To achieve this objective, the course involves direct contact with instructors who are renowned experts on the session topics and have written books, advised international organizations, and consulted at central banks on the same issues that they covered in the course.

Most of the 17 participants came to the course with more than five years of professional experience in central banks, commercial banks, international organizations, and academia.

The participants spent four intensive days covering topics such as Credit Bubbles and Crunches, Asset Bubbles, Contagion, and Financial Globalization. They also looked at quantitative methods for network analysis and case studies on financial crises.


Participants in the Barcelona GSE continuing education course on Systemic Risk and Prudential Policy

Direct contact with Barcelona GSE experts

Course faculty include:

Prof. Xavier Freixas (director)
UPF and Barcelona GSE

Prof. José-Luis Peydró (director)
UPF and Barcelona GSE

Prof. Christian Brownlees
UPF and Barcelona GSE

Prof. José García-Montalvo
UPF and Barcelona GSE

Prof. Nicola Gennaioli
CREI, UPF and Barcelona GSE

Prof. Jaume Ventura
CREI, UPF and Barcelona GSE


Employers and Institutions of 2013 Systemic Risk Participants

Central Banks

  • Banca d'Italia
  • Central Bank of Hungary
  • Central Bank of Ireland
  • Deutsche Bundesbank
  • European Central Bank
  • National Bank of Poland
  • Norges Bank
  • Swiss National Bank

Commercial Banks

  • Banc Sabadell
  • UniCredit

International Organizations

  • European Investment Fund
  • Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)


  • Escola Superior Comerç Internacional (ESCI)
  • Postdamm University
  • University of East Anglia
  • University of Verona