Barcelona GSE Master Student Profile 2011-12


The fifth cohort of Barcelona GSE master students includes 229 students (40% more than last year). The class is 88% international, with students from 57 different countries.

Geographic Origin of Students by Region

 Europe (non-Spanish) 45%

Most represented countries
(# students):

Spain (27), Germany (24), Italy (20), Turkey (13), United States (11), Mexico (9), China (8), and Portugal (8)

 Africa, Asia, Oceania 19%
 Central and South America 14%
 Catalonia-Spain 12%
 North America 10%


Academic backgrounds and work experience

As in past years, students enter the Barcelona GSE master programs with a variety of academic and professional backgrounds. This year 76% of students have undergraduate or advanced degrees in Economics or Finance, while others have studied Management, Business Administration, Mathematics, Engineering, Social Sciences, or Law. In terms of work experience, approximately 48% of the class as one year of less prior to entering the master program. The other half come from a variety of employment backgrounds in central or investment banks, international organizations, government agencies and the private sector, as well as academia.

Names and faces of the Barcelona GSE Class of 2012

Students from each of the Barcelona GSE master programs introduced themselves to us and told us a bit about their aspirations for the master year. (Students are listed alphabetically by master program. Click on the program titles below to view specific class profile information for each GSE master program.)


Yuanjing Li '12

Home Town: Beijing, China

Background: Master in Economics, Université de Toulouse 1 Capitole

Master Program in: Competition and Market Regulation

Why I chose Barcelona GSE: "The reputation of Barcelona Graduate School of Economics and the quality of teaching, confirmed by former students that I know, founded on the transference of competence by a guaranteed itinerary, can help me to acquire all theoretical knowledge and, at the same time, aptitudes for my professional goals."

Career Plans: "I have ambitions to work as a consultant on strategies of market competition and analyses of economic policies in national or international organizations."


Jean-Michel Benkert '12

Home Town: Rheinfelden, Switzerland

Background: Bachelor in Business and Economics, University of Basel, Switzerland. Intern in Economic Research, UBS Investment Bank

Master Program in: Economics

Why I chose Barcelona GSE: "I chose the GSE because it seems to be a rising star as a graduate school and is located in the lovely city of Barcelona."

Career Plans: "The master program will help me toward my goal of entering a competitive doctoral program."


Emir Köprülü '12

Home Town: Ankara, Turkey

Background: Industrial Engineering, Middle East Technical University

Master Program in: Economics of Science and Innovation

Why I chose Barcelona GSE: "I chose Barcelona GSE because its professors are among the European leaders in their field, and because of its reputation among companies that operate in economic areas."

Career Plans: "The master program will help me toward my goal of getting a job in which I can use the combination of my knowledge of Engineering and Economics."


Luiz Octavio Casarin '12

Home Town: Rio de Janerio, Brazil

Background: Bachelor in Economics, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Economic Advisor, State Government of Rio de Janeiro.

Master Program in: Finance

Why I chose Barcelona GSE: "I chose the Barcelona GSE because the school combines academic excellence and market-oriented analytical tools, plus the pleasure of living in Barcelona."

Career Plans: "My goal is to get a job in the European job market."


David Lugo '12

Home Town: Querétaro, Mexico

Background: Bachelor in Economics, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM). Analyst, Ministry of Social Development of Mexico. 

Master Program in: Health Economics and Policy

Why I chose Barcelona GSE: "Even though this is the first year of the Health Economics and Policy master program, it is a well structured program and the faculty associated with it are highly renowned in the Health Economics field. In addition, studying in an institution that has in a few years become one of the top Economics institutions in the world encourages you to always demand the highest objectives of yourself."

Career Plans: "The master program will help me toward my goal of acquiring the skills needed to become an important health policy decision-maker."


Gieltje Adriaans '12

Home Town: Veldhoven, The Netherlands

Background: Bachelor in International Business Administration, RSM Erasmus University. Project Leader, Kembe Foundation

Master Program in: International Trade, Finance, and Development

Why I chose Barcelona GSE: "The master program at Barcelona GSE will provide me with a solid knowledge base, which I will need in my future career."

Career Plans: "My ultimate career goal lies in the field of micro financing. Currently numerous microfinance institutions approach their business from a one-sided perspective and charge unaffordable rates. My vision is to better align these institutions and in this way achieve more sustainable results."


Irina Stanga '12

Home Town: Bucharest, Romania

Background: Bachelor in Finance and Banking, Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest

Master Program in: Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets

Why I chose Barcelona GSE: "I chose Barcelona GSE because of its good reputation for research in Macroeconomics."

Career Plans: "My goal is to enter a PhD program."


Class of 2012 Quick Stats


Intake of students: 229

Nationalities: 57

Average Age: 24 years

Student academic backgrounds


 Economics / Finance 76%
 Management / Business Administration 10%
 Mathematics / Engineering 9%
 Social Sciences / Law 4%
 Natural Sciences 1%


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