Book presentation: Andreu Mas-Colell, “General Equilibrium and Game Theory - Ten Papers”


Distinguished colleagues of the author came to Barcelona to celebrate his work and present the book, published by Harvard University Press

On April 8, the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics organized the presentation of the book, “General Equilibrium and Game Theory - Ten Papers” (Harvard University Press, 2016) by Andreu Mas-Colell, professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) and founder of the Barcelona GSE. 

More than 200 academics, colleagues, and students of Prof. Mas-Colell attended the event at UPF’s Ciutadella Campus. Speakers included Professors Jerry Green (Harvard University), Joaquim Silvestre (University of California-Davis), and Hugo Sonnenschein (University of Chicago). Barcelona GSE Chairman Ramon Marimon and UPF Rector Jaume Casals also shared remarks during the event.

"The book is a master class in how economics should be done," Prof. Green said. "It's not just that the results are deep and difficult. Andreu not only gets the right answers - he asks the right questions.”

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Powerful ideas require intense collaboration

When it was Prof. Mas-Colell’s turn to speak, he explained to the audience how difficult it was to choose the papers that were ultimately included in the book. “Now I understand why authors prefer to publish their complete works,” he said.

While the other speakers focused on the trajectory and scope of his research contributions, Prof. Mas-Colell chose to end his own remarks with a reminder that economic science advanced most when many talented minds come together in collaboration.

"In economics, lights come from the gathering of talented people – the more talented the better," he said, "And from letting them talk, analyze, discuss, and even drink together...It is from this permanent collegial symposium that the new powerful ideas which undoubtedly are needed, will emerge."

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