Call for nominations: Calvó-Armengol International Prize (II edition)

The second edition of the Calvó-Armengol International Prize has opened the call for nominations (download call [pdf]).

The Calvó-Armengol International Prize was established in 2008 by the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics, the Government of Andorra, and the Credit Andorrà Foundation, to honor the memory of Prof. Antoni Calvó-Armengol, who passed away in the Fall of 2007 at 37 years of age. It is awarded every two years to an economist, or other social scientist, who is not older than 40 years old, for his or her contributions to the understanding of social structure and its implications for economic interactions. The prize, which includes a cash award of €30,000, will recognize exceptional achievement in research. The first prizewinner (2009) was Prof. Esther Duflo (MIT).

The awarded scientist will be selected in Summer 2011, one year prior to the award ceremony. He or she will be the scientific director of a fully-funded workshop for young researchers from around the world in 2012. The ceremony will take place in Andorra, the small and beautiful country in the middle of the Pyrenees that was Toni's homeland. Because Toni Calvó-Armengol was a professor at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and the Barcelona GSE, the prizewinner will also deliver an academic lecture in Barcelona.

Nominations will be considered by a selection committee appointed by the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics, consisting of prize chair Prof. Matthew Jackson (Stanford University), Prof. Salvador Barberà (UAB and GSE) and Prof. Joel Sobel (UC San Diego).

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Download the call [pdf]



Prof. Esther Duflo (MIT), first winner of the Calvó-Armengol International Prize

Esther Duflo (MIT), first winner of the Calvó-Armengol International Prize

I Calvó Prize Lecture:
"Gender equality and development"


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