On-campus recruiter talks and interviews connect Barcelona GSE students with top employers

Masters students have opportunities throughout the year to meet or interview with local and international employers. This year, recruiters traveled to Barcelona from Basel, Brussels, London, Madrid and Paris to talk with interested students.

Recruiters say they are consistently impressed with the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm of the Barcelona GSE graduates they've hired.

On-campus recruiter visits 2013-14

Banc Sabadell Banking and Financial Services Barcelona
Bluecap Management Consulting Consulting Firm Barcelona
Compass Lexecon Consulting Firm Madrid
Deloitte * Consulting Firm London
Frontier Economics Consulting Firm London
J-PAL Research Institute Paris
KPMG * Consulting Firm London
La Caixa Banking and Financial Services Barcelona
Nera Consulting Firm London
Novartis Pharmaceutical Company Barcelona and Basel
RBB Economics * Consulting Firm Brussels
UK Competition Commission Government Agency London

*On-campus interviews in addition to recruiter talk


Skills and attitude of students keep recruiters coming back

Several of the recruiters who come to the Barcelona GSE to speak with students return to campus every year. Oriol Aspachs, Director of the European Unit of "la Caixa" Savings Bank's Research Department in Barcelona, says that the skills and attitude of the students make them attractive candidates.

"Barcelona GSE graduates are talented, innovative and prepared to go that extra mile," Dr. Aspachs said. "We've been recruiting them for the last two years and we plan to continue to do so in the future as they have become key for the success of our projects."

Recruiters from La Caixa's Research Department on campus in March 2014: Oriol Aspachs, Director of the European Unit and Carlos Martínez Sarnago '12, Economist in the Financial Markets Unit

A reputation for providing qualified candidates

Approximately two thirds of all Barcelona GSE students plan to pursue professional careers after completing the master program (the others go on to PhD or other advanced graduate programs). In addition to on-campus recruiting opportunities, all students received regular announcements from recruiters who contact the Barcelona GSE requesting candidates with the right qualifications for challenging analytical jobs.

Bruegel think tank recruiters Erica Vihriala and Francesca Barbiero say that "Barcelona GSE graduates have shown to be technically skilled, driven and creative. The graduates we've hired have been integral to our research efforts at both a technical and analytical level."


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