On-campus recruitment events connect employers with Barcelona GSE masters students

Barcelona GSE

Every year, economic consulting firms, research centers, and major companies send recruiters to Barcelona specifically to meet with Barcelona GSE students at on-campus events hosted by the GSE Placement Office.

While the format of the recruitment events varies by company, most offer a brief presentation of the specific skills and tasks performed in the available positions, as well as tips for the job application and interview processes. Some employers, such as Deloitte and RBB Economics, have also used the campus visits to hold formal job interviews with Barcelona GSE students.

Students that have attended this year's talks are already being interviewed for positions that would begin after graduation this summer.

Are companies that recruit at the Barcelona GSE located in Spain or abroad?

Most of the companies that come to the Barcelona GSE to do corporate presentations come from London, Brussels and Paris. They recruit for positions for their headquarters in these cities or, in some cases, for branches located in other countries.

Around 46% of all Barcelona GSE graduates are currently working in Europe; 26% in Spain; 12% in North America; 9% in Central and South America; and 7% in Asia, Africa and Oceania.

Placement of Barcelona GSE Graduates by Geographic Region


Do companies actually recruit Barcelona GSE students after the on-campus presentations?

Several graduates are recruited every year after applying for jobs with one of the companies that have done a presentation at the GSE.

"The Innovation for Poverty Action (IPA/J-PAL) recruitment event helped me gain insight in the type of activities they are performing and convinced me that a research associate position would be a good fit with my qualifications and ambitions," said Gieltje Adriaans '12 (Master in International Trade, Finance and Development). "After an orientating internship at the IPA Lima office, I landed a project associate job and am currently working on the impact evaluations of two education projects." 

Three students from the Class of 2012 joined IPA for internships in Peru, Paraguay and Bangladesh. KPMG recruited 2 graduates (Classes of 2011 and 2012) who are currently working in London. RBB and Compass Lexecon have always been close collaborators of the Barcelona GSE and have each recruited 3 graduates from previous years. La Caixa usually recruits 4 graduates and Banc Sabadell 2 graduates every year. These are just a few examples of how effective on-campus recruiting events are.

What are the skills that Barcelona GSE graduates get from the master degrees that are so attractive for companies?

The skills mentioned most often by recruiters of Barcelona GSE graduates are:

  • Solid command of quantitative economics
  • A rigorous understanding of economic theory
  • Competence in both theoretical and empirical approaches
  • Analytical skills and ability to write technical and executive reports
  • Expertise in a wide range of specializations in different fields of economics

Which industries do Barcelona GSE students join after graduation?

Placement of Barcelona GSE Graduates by Industry


Who's been recruiting GSE students on campus this year?

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Other talks planned for 2012-13

  • KPMG
  • "La Caixa" Savings Bank
  • Neo-Metrics (Accenture)
  • Nera Economic Consulting
  • UK Competition Commission