Barcelona GSE Career Services expands student and recruiter actions on campus and internationally

Session on careers in multilateral organizations

The Career Services team at the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics supported Master's students this year by providing many opportunities to connect with recruiters and job search training on campus, as well as expanding outreach efforts to recruiters in other cities and countries around the world. 

"Exporting talent is one of the Barcelona GSE's primary objectives," said Director Teresa Garcia-Milà. "Our Career Services department is working year-round to stay ahead of recruitment trends in target industries and to nurture relationships with employers who are looking for a profile of candidate who is analytical, flexible, and able to work on a diverse, international team."

49 on-campus career recruiting events for Master's students

In the 2017-18 academic year, the Career Services team organized 49 on-campus events with recruiters for Master's students. In other words, students had one or more opportunities every week to attend an event. For the busy Master's students, it can be challenging to balance coursework and career planning, but those who participate in the events find them to be well worth the time invested. 

"Getting to speak with the same people who will interview you in the near future, who ask you the same kinds of questions, is incredible," said Finance student Roberto Stagni '17, who participated in a mock-interview session with an international firm in the Financial Services sector.

"We get to hear from the people who actually work there, we get to see them practice and then know if it’s a fit," said Sandra Nkusi '17 (Economics of Public Policy), who attended a recruiter talk.

A new event this year was the Barcelona GSE Consulting Day. This full-day event brought more than 30 recruiters from top consulting companies around Europe to campus for presentations, round tables, and practical case study sessions with Master's students. More than 50% of this year's students participated in this full-day event, which will be repeated in October 2018 for the next cohort.

As in previous years, on-campus career events also included job search training and career development sessions with the Careers team and invited specialists.

98 visits to target employers in 12 cities

This year, the Barcelona GSE Career Services team expanded its efforts even further and visiting more destinations to reach out to target employers beyond Barcelona. These potential employers included international consulting firms, government agencies, multinational corporations, and specialized boutique firms, all of whom are looking to hire professionals with an analytical, international profile such as the students in the Barcelona GSE Master's programs. The Career Services team visited a total of 98 companies in 12 cities around the world:

  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Geneva, Switzerland
  • London, UK
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Paris, France
  • Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Zurich, Switzerland

During their visits to these cities, the Careers team also made efforts to connect with Barcelona GSE Alumni living in the area to catch up on what they've been doing since graduating and update them on the evolution of Career Services at the Barcelona GSE. 

A careers team of experienced, international professionals

The Barcelona GSE Career Services team consists of three members: Helga Kirchner, the manager of the team, and two Career Consultants, Magda Grucza and Laurence Penven, as well as Project Coordinator Ariadna Barberà. In addition to their combined professional experience in business, recruitment, human resources and psychology, the team also provide an excellent example for students who will most likely work on international teams: they are originally from Austria, Poland, France, and Spain respectively.

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