Class Profile 2010-11: 163 students from 51 countries

The fourth cohort of Barcelona GSE master students includes 163 students (9% more than last year). The class is 88% international, with students from 51 different countries. The most represented countries are: Germany (23), Spain (20), Italy (17), Brazil (7), Peru (7), and United States (7).

As in past years, students enter the Barcelona GSE master programs with a variety of academic backgrounds. While 66% of students have undergraduate or advanced degrees in Economics and Finance, others have studied Management, Business Administration, Mathematics, Engineering, Social Sciences, or Law. Some students in the Economics of Science and Innovation program have studied hard sciences such as chemistry, genetics, or pharmacology.

Another area of diversity among the GSE Class of 2011 is their prior work experience. Some 35% of the class has no prior professional experience related to the master, other students have years of work experience in central banks, international organizations, government agencies, or consulting firms.

GSE Orientation

Prof. Massimo Motta, Dean of the Barcelona GSE, welcomes the 2010-11 master students and offers some hints for a successful year.


Names and faces of the GSE Class of 2011

Students from each of the Barcelona GSE master programs introduced themselves to us and told us a bit about their aspirations for the master year. 


Aditya Jagannath

Home Town: Bangalore, India

Background: Master in Quantitative Economics, Universite Paris-1 Pantheon Sorbonne, Paris and UAB, Barcelona

GSE Program: Finance

I chose the Barcelona GSE because... I wanted a multidimensional academic horizon with a detailed study in Finance. The GSE offered a Finance master program with challenging and interesting courses taught by eminent faculty. This, I believed, would be extremely useful in furthering my academic and professional career.

Career Plans: After graduation, in the long term, I would like to obtain a PhD in Financial Economics. In the short term, I would like to get some work experience in the financial sector of emerging countries with a reputed think tank or international organization.


Palwasha Mirbacha

Home Town: Kabul, Afghanistan

Background: Bachelor in Economics and International Relations, Simmons College (USA). Advisor Assistant to Economic Commission of the Parliament (Kabul); Project Manager, Afghanistan Investment Climate Facility

GSE Program: International Trade, Finance, and Development (ITFD)

I chose the Barcelona GSE because... The portfolio of professors from top-notch universities and prominent research institutes is why I chose GSE. Additionally, the ITFD program reflects on my work experience in Afghanistan at an advance level. It also corresponds to my ambition for a career as an economist and in academic circles in Afghanistan or a some Middle Eastern country. I hope to inspire more women from the Muslim world to explore economics as a potential career path.

Career Plans: I would like to find a teaching position in my field and gain some experience in academia. Additionally, I aim to get a fellowship or researcher position in a think tank or consultancy firm to further enhance my skills for a more prominent career with governmental or well-known international institutions like the United Nations or World Bank.

Juan Felipe

Felipe Quintero

Home Town: Cali, Colombia

Background: Master in Public Policy, University of California, Berkeley. Consultant, World Bank

GSE Program: Competition and Market Regulation (MCMR)

I chose the Barcelona GSE because... It offers the perfect mix of strong quantitative content and analytical skills needed to build a successful professional career within the competition and regulation field.

Career Plans: I want to be involved in consultancy work related to competition issues in key sectors such as energy and telecommunications.


Irene Sànchez

Home Town: Barcelona, Catalonia-Spain

Background: Master in Econometrics and Mathematics, Toulouse School of Economics

GSE Program: Economics

I chose the Barcelona GSE because... Despite being a young institution, the BGSE has a solid department of economics with excellent professors and researchers. Second, because of the wide range of courses that BGSE offers for this year.

Career Plans: I would like to enter the GSE's reference doctoral program at UPF (GPEFM).


Olga Slivko

Home Town: Reutov (Moscow), Russia

Background: Master in Industrial Organization, University Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona (Catalonia-Spain). Methodologist and System Architect of Information Systems for Financial Planning and Business Intelligence analysis

GSE Program: Economics of Science and Innovation (MESI)

I chose the Barcelona GSE because... BGSE is world-famous for the outstanding quality of education, and, particularly, the MESI program provides a very interesting combination of theoretical and practical courses, which gives valuable knowledge for policy design.

Career Plans: I'd like to continue my research on topics related to firm innovative behavior and policy design aimed at promotion of environmental R&D. Therefore, after graduation I would like to participate in research projects or policy design, related to ecology-friendly technologies.


Hung Tran Kieu

Home Town: Bacninh, Vietnam

Background: Bachelor in International Economics, Hanoi Foreign Trade University. Fixed Income Trader, Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV)

GSE Program: Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets (MPFM)

I chose the Barcelona GSE because...I would like to build up a comprehensive understand of the dynamics affecting financial policy and gain experience with breakthrough analytical tools in order to make more informed decisions in my work.

Career Plans:I plan to return to my employer and to continue studying economics (especially macroeconomic policy).


Class of 2011 Quick Stats

Intake of students: 163

Nationalities: 51

Average Age: 25 years

Gender: 34% Women, 66% Men



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