Class Profile: Barcelona GSE Master Programs 2014-15

The eighth edition of the Barcelona GSE intensive one-year master programs is now underway with 218 students from 50 countries. 

Barcelona GSE Class of 2015 by the numbers

  • 84% international students
  • 34% of the class is from outside Europe
  • 73% of students come from an academic background in Economics or Finance
  • 56% of the class had less than one year of work experience prior to the master
  • 68% male students, 32% female students

Geographic origin of students by region


 Europe (non-Spanish) 50%
 Spain 16%
 Africa, Asia, Oceania 14%
 Central and South America 10%
 North America 10%

Talent and motivation

While the students in the Barcelona GSE Class of 2015 come from diverse backgrounds and have a variety of goals for the future, class member Benjamin Anderson '15 (Economics of Public Policy) observed that all the students have two things in common: talent and motivation.

"Having completed my first couple weeks of classes on the campus of the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics, my fundamental reasoning for embarking on this path has been validated and any immediate apprehensions of, “Am I in the right place?”, have been laid to rest," he said. "Witnessing my classmates' thirst for knowledge, hearing them express their ideas in accents from all over the globe, and sensing their determination forged by diversified past experiences is immediate motivation."