Community seminar series create connections between economic disciplines

Throughout the year, the Barcelona GSE's academic units organize a wide offering of seminar series that cover most areas of Economics as well as related fields such as Statistics and Organization Studies. Speakers include members of the Barcelona economics community as well as internationally renowned academics, practitioners, and experts from institutions around the world. Several of these series, located at both Bellaterra and Ciutadella Campus locations, are open to the entire Barcelona GSE community.

Seminar series open to the community at Bellaterra Campus

At the Bellaterra Campus, the UAB Unit of Economic Analysis and the Institute for Economic Analysis (IAE) organize three "Bellaterra" Seminar Series which focus on Applied Economics, Macroeconomics and Microeconomics.This spring, the organizers hope that the seminars will spark new connections between all three areas.

"We have put together what we think is a very exciting schedule for the Applied Bellaterra Seminar series for this spring," said Prof. Joan Llull (MOVE, UAB and Barcelona GSE), who organizes the series together with Prof. Laura Mayoral (IAE and Barcelona GSE). "We hope macro and micro people will also attend the lectures, as we would like to make the Applied Series a more interdisciplinary meeting, the point of intersection between all of us."

The first "Bellaterra" Seminar of the season will take place on March 12 at 15:00h in the IAE Seminar Room. As part of the effort to strengthen ties between disciplines, the seminar will be a joint offering of the Applied and Microeconomics Series, organized by Professors Matthew Ellman (IAE and Barcelona GSE) and Johannes Gierlinger (UAB and Barcelona GSE). The speaker will be Prof. David Strömberg (Institute for International Economic Studies, Stockholm University), who will discuss Determinants of Media Bias in China.

Seminar series open to the community at Ciutadella Campus

The UPF Department of Economics and Business (DEE) and the Center for Research in International Economics (CREI) organize a number of seminar series that faculty and students are welcome to attend. They include:

  • CREI-DEE Macroeconomics Seminars
  • CRES (Health Economics) Seminars
  • UPF-Banco de España Finance Seminars
  • Labor, Public and Development Seminars
  • Management and Organization Studies Seminars
  • Microeconomics Seminars
  • Statistics and Operational Research Seminars
  • Finance Lunch Seminars
  • Barcelona Accounting Seminars
  • Barcelona Economics Decision Group Seminars
  • Econometric Seminars


Community seminar speakers at Bellaterra next week

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  • Applied/Micro "Bellaterra" Seminar
  • March 12
    David Strömberg
    (IIES, Stockholm University)
    joint with Microeconomics Series

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Community seminar speakers at Ciutadella next week

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