Five new "la Caixa" Foundation Grants for Barcelona GSE affiliated professors

"la Caixa" Foundation

The "la Caixa" Foundation continues its support for ground-breaking research at the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics by creating the "la Caixa" Foundation Research Grants on Socioeconomic Well-being.

Five research projects led by Barcelona GSE affiliated professors have been selected to receive the "la Caixa" Grants. Projects were selected from a competitive open call within the Barcelona GSE research community. All proposals were evaluated by a Scientific Committee of experts, who chose projects with ground-breaking methodologies and direct implications for socioeconomic well-being.

Grants from private entities such as "la Caixa" Foundation is a vital complement to public research funding, says Barcelona GSE Deputy Director for Research, Prof. Julian di Giovanni (ICREA-UPF and Barcelona GSE).

"Many Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professors have won competitive grants or receive support from publicly-funded institutions such as the European Commission, the European Research Council, the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, and ICREA," Prof. di Giovanni said. "Support from "la Caixa" and other private enterprises not only demonstrates their commitment to social responsibility, it also provides opportunities for our researchers to pursue innovative projects that will contribute to our understanding of human behavior and, ultimately, improve lives."

Projects receiving "la Caixa" Foundation Research Grants on Socioeconomic Well-being
(alphabetical by project title)

  • "Analyzing Conflict from Space"
    André Gröger (UAB and Barcelona GSE) and Hannes Mueller (ICREA-IAE and Barcelona GSE)
  • "Causal Effects of Early Interventions on Child Health and Cognitive Development"
    Libertad Gonzalez (UPF and Barcelona GSE)
  • "Labor Market Effects of Selective Immigration Policies"
    Joan Llull (UAB, MOVE and Barcelona GSE)
  • "Stabilization Policies and Growth: A Keynesian Growth Perspective"
    Luca Fornaro (CREI, UPF and Barcelona GSE)
  • "Understanding Risk and Time Preferences"
    Jose Apesteguia (ICREA-UPF and Barcelona GSE)

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The Grants on Socioeconomic Well-being are the latest initiative from "la Caixa" Foundation to support Barcelona GSE research and academic programs. Other initiatives have included the La Caixa-Severo Ochoa International Doctoral Fellowships for students in the GPEFM and IDEA PhD programs, and tuition waivers for students in the Barcelona GSE master's programs.

La Caixa Foundation. Together, we bring projects to life.

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