Graduation 2011

On July 6, 2011 the Barcelona GSE community celebrated the graduation of its fourth cohort of master students. Friends, family, and professors of the 159 graduates filled the AXA Auditorum together with Barcelona GSE alumni and staff to celebrate the accomplishments of the GSE Class of 2011.

The 2010-11 master programs were: Competition and Market Regulation; Economics; Economics of Science and Innovation; Finance; International Trade, Finance, and Development; and Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets.

Graduation keynote: Mr. Javier de Agustín, CEO of AXA Seguros España

In his speech to the graduates, Mr. de Agustín encouraged them to view the completion of the master program as a stepping stone into their future – a step that they should take boldly.

“You live in an exciting but complex world. This past year’s events have demonstrated one thing concretely: that is, a new norm in which adaptability to change has become an imperative,” Mr. Agustín said. “The beauty of your generation is that you are confident, self-expressive, liberal, flexible, have a strong ability to multitask and are open to change. These qualities will be the engineers of your success.”

Dean of the Barcelona GSE Prof. Massimo Motta (ICREA-UPF and Barcelona GSE) urged graduates, who come from 51 different countries, to stay in touch through the School’s Alumni & Friends network, in particular by participating actively in the LinkedIn group for GSE alumni (over 230 members and growing) and by sharing their experiences with future applicants, perhaps by becoming Alumni Ambassadors in the cities or countries where they will be living and working after graduation.

Also offering congratulations to graduates were authorities from the two universities that promote the Barcelona GSE: Dr. Joan Gómez Pallarès, vice-rector of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB); and Dr. Teresa Garcia-Milà, vice-rector of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) and Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professor.

Student speaker: Gonzalo Gómez '11 (Economics)

Continuing a now established tradition of memorable student addresses, Gonzalo Gómez '11 (Economics) shared a portrait of GSE student life that reflected both the hard work and laughter that contribute to success – and survival – in a strenuous master year.

“We have shared 600 hours of classes, around 25 problem sets, more or less 10 exams, a handful of presentations, writing a master thesis and defending it in front of GSE faculty, and after all that we are still smiling? There is one possible explanation for this strange phenomenon: we are completely nuts.”

A good kind of nuts, the student speaker assured his peers. “We have done what is hard. Now we are ready to achieve what is great,” he said.

Barcelona GSE Graduation 2011 Gonzalo Gómez '11 - Barcelona GSE


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