GSE Attracts International Students With Increased Scholarship Opportunities

Thanks to the support of its sponsors, the Barcelona GSE is able to offer top students from around the world at least twenty scholarships in the 2009-2010 academic year, most recently adding five new fully funded scholarships from BBVA Foundation.

The generous BBVA Foundation program for GSE students consists of five new scholarships for Latin American students—two reserved for Mexican students. These five BBVA Foundation-GSE scholarships cover not only the full tuition of the master program, but also the student’s roundtrip airfare to Barcelona and a monthly stipend for living expenses. (Read more about the BBVA Foundation-GSE Scholarships).

The BBVA Foundation joins numerous other prestigious companies and institutions which sponsor scholarships to Barcelona GSE students, including Repsol Foundation, Abertis, Red Eléctrica, Enagas, MSD, Fundación Carolina, Catalan Competition Authority, Patronat Catalunya-Món, Biocat, and UAB Research Park. These partnerships affirm the sponsors’ belief in the high quality of the Barcelona GSE and their vested interest in bringing top students to study in the master programs as part of their corporate social responsibility actions.

As it becomes increasingly common for students to pursue their higher education degree outside of their home country, companies recognize the value that this experience offers. They support Barcelona GSE students both by providing scholarships to facilitate their study and by recruiting and hiring these students after graduation. Bringing talented young students to study at the Barcelona GSE is testament to the sponsors’ commitment to social responsibility and supporting academic excellence and international study.

“The scholarships that the Barcelona GSE provides to international students not only allow them to pursue an academically rigorous program at a top institution, but give them the opportunity to experience life outside their home country, surrounded by bright students from around the world in one of the best European cities,” says Duncan Hamshere, Program Development Manager at the Barcelona GSE.

“The GSE embraces the idea that learning takes place both outside and inside the classroom. In order to cultivate a student body that can network and learn from one another, we seek to attract students with diverse experiences, outstanding academics, unfaltering motivation and a passion for the subject of the master. These are the students who are the best candidates for scholarships”, Mr. Hamshere adds.

The sponsorship support that the Barcelona GSE receives from private and public institutions enables the School to offer numerous scholarships to students with top merit from all parts of the world. The 2008-2009 Class Profile is over 80% international, with students from thirty countries. The European countries with the most students overall were, in order: Italy, Germany, Turkey, and the UK. Eighty-three percent of students come from outside of Spain and 45% were from European countries other than Spain. The United States of America and Brazil are also among the most represented countries.

So far in the 2009-2010 application period, students have been applied from more than fifty countries, and applicants from 38 countries currently hold offers. The countries with the greatest number of applicants are the US, China, Spain, Italy, and Turkey.

2009-2010 Scholarship Sponsors include:


The BBVA Foundation expresses the engagement of financial group BBVA with the cause of social responsibility in the societies where it does business. BBVA is a global financial institution offering a range of financial and non-financial products and services.


Repsol Foundation is the institution for corporate social responsibility of Repsol, an international integrated oil and gas company operating in over 30 countries. It is one of the ten largest private oil companies in the world and the largest private energy company in Latin America in terms of assets.


Abertis is a private transport and communications infrastructure management corporation. It is one of Europe's leading infrastructure managers and one of the continent's most important groups in terms of return and financial capacity.


Red Eléctrica is a corporation dedicated exclusively to power transmission and the operation of electrical systems. It operates the power grid of Spain.


Enagas is the gas transportation, regasification, and storage company that manages the gas system in Spain.


MSD is part of Merck & Co, a global research-driven pharmaceutical company that discovers, develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of pharmaceutical products.


The Catalan Competition Authority is the agency of the Government of Catalonia in charge of resolving disputes arising from practices that restrict free competition.


The Patronat Catalunya-Món is the agency of the Government of Catalonia responsible for advising public and private institutions in Catalonia on their international presence.


Biocat is a biocluster organization funded by the Government of Catalonia and the Barcelona City Council that acts as a catalyst and promoter of biotechnology and biomedicine in Catalonia.


Fundación Carolina is an institution that promotes cultural relations and cooperation in education and science between Spain and the Iberoamerican community of countries as well as with other countries sharing common historical, geographic, and cultural links.


The UAB Research Park promotes and improves the transfer of technology and knowledge from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and its collaborating institutions to the business world.


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