GSE Class of 2010: where are they now?

Despite the harsh economic environment, graduates in the Barcelona GSE Class of 2010 have been attractive to a variety of industries worldwide. In July of 2010 Barcelona GSE graduated 142 students. Three months later more than 70% of these graduates responded to a survey giving us the following information:

The 2010 GSE graduates are currently living and working in more than 25 different countries. More than half of the graduates who responded were employed within three months of graduation, and more than one third are continuing their studies by beginning a PhD or other type of postgraduate program.

Jordi Prats '10 is a consultant at Deloitte in Argentina.

Professional paths

Barcelona GSE graduates of 2010 are currently working in 19 different countries worldwide. Of the 2010 graduates currently in the work force, around one third stayed in Spain, while a similar portion accepted positions elsewhere in Europe. Several others are employed in Latin America, the United States, and Asia.

These graduates have chosen to work in a variety of areas. Many of the 2010 GSE graduates have opted to work in the banking industry. There are several graduates in the main banks of Spain, including Sabadell, Santander, and La Caixa. There are also several alumni working in central banks for various countries, such Slovenia, Paraguay, and Italy.

Several other GSE alumni are working for consulting firms such as Deloitte, DIWecon, and LECG. Among them is Jorge Prats '10, a graduate of the Competition and Market Regulation master program, who is working as a consultant for Deloitte in Argentina. Many other graduates are working in the private sector, such as Jebb Peria '10, a Finance Program graduate, who is currently working at Statoil in Norway.

Several graduates have accepted positions at research institutions, like the UAB Research Park, or at renowned international organizations like the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the European Investment Bank. Graduates are also working for various government agencies. One of them is Economics Program graduate Rebecca Springford '10, who is currently an economist at the UK Government Service.

Jebb Peria '10 is currently with Statoil (Norway).

Doctoral paths

The Barcelona GSE graduates who decided to continue their education are currently doing masters and PhDs in 9 different countries around the world.

More than half of the graduates who are continuing their education chose to enter one of the GSE’s reference doctoral programs: GPEFM at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, or IDEA at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Many others are studying in other European universities such as the Toulouse School of Economics, University of Maastricht, and Louvain La Neuve.Slightly less than ten percent of all GSE graduates who went on to enter doctoral programs are in the United States at competitive universities such as the University of Michigan and the University of Chicago.

Rebecca Springford '10 is an economist at the UK Government Service (London).

GSE Alumni Network continues to grow

The Barcelona GSE Alumni Network is growing quickly! Alumni are not only connecting online with the help of sites such as Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter, but also in person. With three promotions of alumni now graduated, small hubs of GSE alumni are starting to consolidate in cities around the world. London, Asunción (Paraguay), and Buenos Aires are just a few of the international locations with growing communities of GSE alumni.

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