Guest professors and invited speakers share specialized expertise with Barcelona GSE students


Each year, the directors of the Barcelona GSE masters invite a select list of external academics and practitioners to teach courses or give special seminars to students. These guest lectures provide a fresh perspective on core theory and tools, and they also offer insight into many of the specialized career paths that Barcelona GSE students choose to pursue once they obtain their master’s degrees.

Guest professors and invited speakers for 2015-16:

Experts are listed for each program. Students sometimes have the opportunity to join special lectures or elective courses from programs other than their own.

Competition and Market Regulation

Guest lecturers from government agencies, private consulting firms, and university research departments bring the most current cases and practices to courses such as Economics of Competition Policy and Competition in Regulation Markets. Some of them are:

  • Chiara Fumagalli (Bocconi University)
  • Massimo Motta (Chief Competition Economist, European Commission)
    Professor Motta will return to his position as ICREA-UPF and Barcelona GSE Research Professor in September 2016.
  • Jorge Padilla (Senior Managing Director and Head of Compass Lexecon Europe)
  • David Rapson (University of California-Davis)
  • Tommaso Valletti (Imperial College London)
  • Frank Verboven (University of Leuven)

Massimo Motta
Professor Massimo Motta returns full-time in September 2016.

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Data Science

Guest professors in Data Science cover topics such as Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, and Big Data Analytics:

  • Pau Agulló (Managing Director, Kernel Analytics)
  • Ioannis Arapakis (Senior Research Scientist, Eurecat)
  • Argimiro Arratia (Polytechnic University of Catalonia)
  • Guglielmo Bartolozzi (Data Scientist, Kernel Analytics)
  • Matthew Eric Bassett (Executive Director, Gower Street Analytics, London)
  • Marc Noy (Polytechnic University of Catalonia)

Matthew Eric Bassett
Matthew Eric Bassett with BGSE Data Science students earlier this year

Invited speakers in the Data Science master’s also include Data Science Visiting Fellows, distinguished researchers working in academia or the private sector who are hosted by the Barcelona GSE to engage in research projects with the BGSE Data Science team and contribute to training activities:

  • Alexandros Karatzoglou (Senior Research Scientist at Telefonica Research)
  • Ioannis Kosmidis (University College London)
  • David Rossell (University of Warwick)

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Guest professors teach courses on topics such as Econometric Methods, Macroeconomics, and International Trade, Growth and Business Cycles:

  • Alejandro Cuñat (University of Vienna)
  • Eleonora Granziera (Senior Economist, Bank of Canada)
  • Danilo Guaitoli (New York University)
  • Xavier Sala-i-Martin (Columbia University)

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Economics of Public Policy

Experts teaching in the Economics of Public Policy program cover topics such as Cost-Benefit Analysis and Survey Methods, as well as contemporary policy lessons:

  • Albert Bravo-Biosca (Senior Economist, NESTA, London)
  • Laura Crespo (Research Economist, Bank of Spain)
  • Laura Hospido (Research Economist, Bank of Spain)
  • Juan Francisco Jimeno (Head of Research Division, Bank of Spain)
  • Pere Riera (Institute of Environmental Science and Technology - ICTA)

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Part of this program’s curriculum is the Financial Institutions Seminar Series, which brings leading practitioners from the financial sector to share their experience with Finance students. This year’s speakers are:

  • Gianluca Capone (FIG Team, J.P. Morgan)
  • Guzmán Díaz (Associate, Index Ventures)
  • Samad Javadi (Executive Director, Goldman Sachs)
  • Thomas Plank (Emerging Markets Trading Desk, Goldman Sachs)
  • Scott Richards (Senior Investment Officer, Financial Institutions Equity, responsAbility Investments AG)
  • Charlie Steel (Global Head of Corporate Development, CMC Markets)
  • Paul Tyler (Director, Tyler Capital)

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International Trade, Finance, and Development

Invited experts in the ITFD program deliver Policy Lessons, which cover challenges that policymakers face, how they think about them and the main instruments that they consider to address them:

  • Simon Evenett (University of St. Gallen)
  • José García-Montalvo (UPF and Barcelona GSE)
  • Xavier Sala-i-Martin (Columbia University)

Simon Evenett
Professor Simon Evenett has delivered policy lessons to ITFD students on several occasions over the years.

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Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets

Barcelona GSE macro students benefit from courses with guest professors from consulting firms and central banks, including:

  • Eudald Canadell (Senior Vice President, Compass Lexecon)
  • Marek Jarocinski (Researcher, European Central Bank)
  • Juan Pablo Nicolini (United States Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis)
  • Gabriel Pérez-Quirós (Head of Macroeconomic Studies Unit, Bank of Spain)

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