More awards and grants for GSE faculty, including Spanish Research Prize for Prof. Salvador Barbera

The director of the Barcelona GSE's Economics of Science and Innovation program, Prof. Salvador Barberà (UAB and Barcelona GSE), has been named one of five researchers chosen this year to receive the prestigious Spanish Research Prize. The Prize is awarded annually by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation and recognizes important contributions to the advancement of science, knowledge, and the progress of humanity.

According to a Ministry press release, Prof. Barberà has been selected for his "essential contributions to the field of Public Economics, where he is recognized internationally as one of the leaders of this discipline." The press release also cites Prof. Barberà's contributions to the development of academic institutions that form the basis for training the economists of the future.

Prof. Barberà will receive the Prize from a member of the royal family in an official ceremony later this year. In addition to the distinction of the Prize, winners receive a monetary award of 100,000 from the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

Three-year fellowships for two young researchers

Professors Paula Bustos and Giacomo Ponzetto (CREI and Barcelona GSE) have each been awarded a three-year Juan de la Cierva Fellowship. The Juan de La Cierva Program was established to attract and retain promising PhD scholars in every academic area to universities and public and private non-profit R&D centers in Spain.

Two IGC Research Funding Grants

Two teams of GSE-affiliated CREI researchers have received Research Funding Grants from the International Growth Centre (IGC) at the London School of Economics: Profs. Alberto Martin and Nicola Gennaioli for their project, "Market Institutions, Government Agency, and Capital Flows;" and Profs. Jaume Ventura and Fernando Broner for their project: "Rethinking the Effects of Financial Liberalization."


2010 Spanish Research Prize winner Prof. Salvador Barberà (UAB and Barcelona GSE). 


International Growth Centre Awards for CREI research teams

Rethinking the Effects of Financial Liberalization (Macroeconomics)

by Jaume Ventura and Fernando Broner

Market Institutions, Government Agency, and Capital Flows (Macroeconomics)

by Alberto Martin and Nicola Gennaioli

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