New Affiliated Professors and post-docs welcomed at Barcelona GSE Trobada

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Some of the new Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professors and post-docs at the 2019 Trobada

On October 4, 2019, the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics held the annual "Trobada" for Affiliated Professors, post-docs, and PhD students in the Barcelona GSE research community. The Trobada is an opportunity for researchers from all four of the Barcelona GSE academic units to welcome new colleagues and catch up with returning colleagues at the beginning of the academic year.  Barcelona GSE Director Teresa Garcia-Milà and Barcelona GSE Chair Paula Beato presided over this year's Trobada. 

A sampling of new research from all academic units

Every year the Trobada features presentations of research by members of the Barcelona GSE community. This year, all four projects were presented by female economists in the Barcelona GSE community:

  • Ursula Mello (IAE-CSIC and Barcelona GSE)
    “Does Affirmative Action in Higher Education Impact High School Students?”
  • Katerina Petrova (UPF and Barcelona GSE)
    “A Generalised Lp-Norm Filter for Time-Varying Parameter Models”
  • Victoria Vanasco (CREI-UPF and Barcelona GSE)
    “The Good, the Bad, and the Complex: Product Design with Imperfect Information”
  • Hanna Wang (MOVE-UAB and Barcelona GSE)
    “Fertility and Family Leave Policies in Germany: Optimal Policy Design in a Dynamic Framework”

Photos from Trobada 2019

There are now 158 Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professors from 31 countries

Affiliated Professors are tenured or tenure-track faculty members from the Barcelona GSE academic units. They form the core of all Barcelona GSE educational and research activities. They direct and teach in the Barcelona GSE Master's programs; design and teach in Barcelona GSE summer schools and professional courses; organize research events such as the Barcelona GSE Summer Forum workshops; and serve in leadership roles that shape the evolution of the Barcelona GSE at an institutional level.

Affiliation with the Barcelona GSE gives researchers access to initiatives such as the Barcelona GSE Seed Grants, Research Recognition Program, and Barcelona GSE Working Papers Series, and links them with a community of more than 150 Affiliated Professors working on topics across the spectrum of Economic science.

The new Affiliated Professors joining in 2019-20 are:

Kirill Evdokimov (UPF and Barcelona GSE)
PhD, Yale University
Research Interests: Econometrics
Marco Fabbri (UPF and Barcelona GSE)
PhD, European Doctorate in Law & Economics (EDLE)
Research Interests: Behavioral and Experimental Law and Economics
Mohammad Ghaderi (UPF and Barcelona GSE)
Research Interests: Quantitative Marketing, Choice Modeling, Convex Optimization
Priit Jeenas (UPF and Barcelona GSE)
PhD, New York University
Research Interests: Macroeconomics
Dmitry Kuvshinov (UPF and Barcelona GSE)
PhD, University of Bonn
Research Interests: Finance, Macroeconomics, Economic History
Ursula Mello (IAE-CSIC and Barcelona GSE)
PhD, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Research Interests: Education, Labor Economics, Public Policy
Marcelo Ortiz (UPF and Barcelona GSE)
PhD, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez
Research Interests: Financial Accounting, Corporate Finance, Transparency
Katerina Petrova (UPF and Barcelona GSE)
PhD, Queen Mary University London
Research Interests: Time Series, Macroeconometrics, Bayesian Methods
Björn Richter (UPF and Barcelona GSE)
PhD, Goethe University Frankfurt
Research Interests: Financial Economics, Macro-finance, Economic History
Mikhail Spektor (UPF and Barcelona GSE)
PhD, University of Basel
Research Interests: Decisions under risk and uncertainty, Learning, Cognitive Modeling
Theodor Vladasel (UPF and Barcelona GSE)
PhD, Copenhagen Business School
Research Interests: Entrepreneurship, Strategic Human Capital, Individuals and Organizations
Hanna Wang (MOVE, UAB and Barcelona GSE)
PhD, University of Pennsylvania
Research Interests: Labor Economics, Family Economics, Search and Matching

A new post-doctoral researcher, Minyoung Rho (MOVE, UAB and Barcelona GSE) also joined the community this year.

Directory of Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professors