New Affiliated Professors welcomed by Barcelona GSE directors

This academic year, the Barcelona GSE welcomed seven new Affiliated Professors with a small gathering at UAB. The meeting was led by Professors Teresa Garcia-Milà (Director of the Barcelona GSE), Ada Ferrer-i-Carbonell (Deputy Director for Academic Programs), and Julian di Giovanni (Deputy Director for Research).

Professor Garcia-Milà introduced the Barcelona GSE to the new faculty members and explained how they can be involved in the community of the School. Professor Ferrer-i-Carbonell talked about the Academic programs, and Professor di Giovanni explained how Affiliated Professors can develop their careers as researchers with the support of the Barcelona GSE.

Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professors are all tenured or tenure-track faculty members from one of the Barcelona GSE’s academic units. The new Affiliated Professors for the academic year of 2017-18 are:


Christopher Busch (MOVE-UAB and BGSE)

PhD, University of Cologne

Research Interests: Macroeconomics and Labor Economics


Jésica de Armas (UPF and BGSE)

PhD in Computer Science, Universidad de La Laguna

Research Interests: Operations Research, Combinatorial Optimization, Metaheuristics, Logistics and Transportation, and Machine Learning


Miguel Espinosa (UPF and BGSE)

PhD, London School of Economics

Research Interests: Industrial Organization, Organizational Economics, Labor Economics and Political Economy.


André Gröger (UAB and BGSE)

PhD, Goethe University Frankfurt

Research Interests: Applied Microeconomics, Development Economics, Labor Economics


Antonio Penta (UPF and BGSE)

PhD, University of Pennsylvania

Research Interests: Game Theory, Auctions, Mechanism Design and Bounded Rationality


Amedeo Piolatto (UAB and BGSE)

PhD, Toulouse School of Economics

Research Interests: Political Economy, Public Economics, Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomic Theory


Alberto Santini (UPF and BGSE)

PhD, University of Bologna

Research Interests: Operations Research