New GSE Affiliated Professors 2010-11

Barcelona GSE

In the 2010-2011 academic year, the Barcelona GSE welcomes 12 new affiliated professors and researchers, who join the community as faculty of the School's founding academic bodies. With these new incorporations, the affiliated faculty now includes 151 academics from 22 different countries, with 44% coming from outside Spain. 

The research interests of this year's new academics include topics such as decision theory, economic history, environmental economics, econometrics, and monetary policy. Some are recent doctoral graduates from New York University, University of Pennsylvania, and Toulouse School of Economics; others have taught and published extensively in international journals across the spectrum of economics disciplines. They are a diverse group internationally as well, hailing from Morocco, Austria, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, and Spain.

New Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professors 2010-11

(listed alphabetically and including GSE master programs in which they are scheduled to teach this year, if applicable)

Larbi Alaoui Larbi Alaoui (UPF and Barcelona GSE)

PhD, University of Pennsylvania

Research Interests: microeconomic theory, applied microeconomics, decision theory, behavioral economics, game theory, political economy

GSE Master Program(s): Economics

Laia Balcells Laia Balcells (IAE and Barcelona GSE)

PhD, Yale University

Research Interests: determinants of civil wars, micro-dynamics of violence during conflict, political consequences of violence

Davide Cantoni Davide Cantoni (UPF and Barcelona GSE)

PhD, Harvard University

Research Interests: economic history, applied economic research, macroeconomics

GSE Master Program(s): Economics

Matthew Ellman Matthew Ellman (IAE and Barcelona GSE)

PhD, Harvard University

Research Interests: organizations and markets, contracts and law, political economy, ethics, experimental economics

Francesco Fasani Francesco Fasani (IAE and Barcelona GSE)

PhD, University College London

Research Interests: labor, migration, crime, microeconometrics

Christian Fons-Rosen Christian Fons-Rosen (UPF and Barcelona GSE)

PhD, London School of Economics

Research Interests: economics of innovation, labor economics, microeconometrics, international economics, corporate finance

Johannes Gierlinger Johannes Gierlinger (UAB and Barcelona GSE)

PhD, Toulouse School of Economics

Research Interests: decision-making under uncertainty, financial economics, environmental economics

GSE Master Program(s): Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets

Javier Gil-Bazo Javier Gil-Bazo (UPF and Barcelona GSE)

PhD, Universidad del País Vasco

Research Interests: institutional investment, competition in the mutual fund industry; regulatory issues, pricing of fixed income assets and derivatives, market microstructure problems using simulation-based artificial markets

GSE Master Program(s): Finance

Christian Matthes Christian Matthes (UPF and Barcelona GSE)

PhD, New York University

Research Interests: macroeconomics, econometrics, monetary economics; optimal monetary and fiscal policy, learning and imperfect information, econometric analysis of dynamic equilibrium models

GSE Master Program(s): Economics

Andrea Mattozzi Andrea Mattozzi (UAB and Barcelona GSE)

PhD, University of Pennsylvania

Research Interests: political economy, microeconomics, public economics

Antonio Miralles Antonio Miralles (UAB and Barcelona GSE)

PhD, Boston University

Research Interests: game theory, mechanism design, economic policy

Luigi Pascali Luigi Pascali (UPF and Barcelona GSE)

PhD, Boston University

Research Interests: development and growth, international trade, macroeconomics

GSE Master Program(s): EconomicsInternational Trade, Finance, and Development


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