Preliminary placement report for Barcelona GSE Class of 2012

Before the master year was over, 72 students (33% of the class) had already accepted job offers and doctoral program placements.

2012 professional and academic placements (33% of class reporting)


 Academic (PhD or master) 53%
 Professional 47%

Resources used by students to achieve these results

  • Barcelona GSE Faculty. Firstly, by offering outstanding academic preparation to our students, but also and not less important, by making the Barcelona GSE and its graduates known among target institutions
  • Barcelona GSE Alumni & Friends Network. The network played a key role by proposing and visiting us for recruiting events, by supporting the Barcelona GSE in establishing new collaborations and by providing useful advice to their fellow alumni.

    This year's recruiting events included:
    Frontier Economics, RBB Economics, Trifermed, J-Pal, Nera, KPMG, Neo-metrics (Accenture), La Caixa and Bank of Spain.

  • The students themselves. They brought the skills and the knowledge they have acquired before and during the Master, but most of all their attitude: hard work, talent, enthusiasm and ambition.
  • The Placement Office. By working together with the faculty, the alumni, the companies and institutions to create placement opportunities; aspects such as most effective channels of finding a job, CV and interview strategies and promotion of the alumni network have been extensively worked on by the Barcelona GSE Placement Office.

The placement efforts continue to be very intense both from the side of the recently graduated students, as well as by the Barcelona GSE and its network. New and promising placements are expected to be achieved by fall, at which point this report will be updated with the latest information. Students in the Class of 2012 are encouraged to report their post-graduation plans to the Barcelona GSE Placement Office by email to

The Class of 2012 celebrated their graduation on July 10 and now joins the Barcelona GSE Alumni Network, which includes 748 alumni who are working and studying all over the world. The Alumni & Friends section of the Barcelona GSE website includes information about placement from earlier cohorts.

Professional placements: 47% of students who have already achieved placement

Placement by industry


Banking and Central Banks
Master programs with highest participation in this industry are Macroeconomics (46%) and Economics (31%)


Students from Competition and Market Regulation, Economics and International Trade, Finance and Development are joining Economics specialized or Management consultancies


International Organizations
Students will be working on projects related to Competition, International Trade, Public Governance Education and other Economics topics

Government Agencies and Research Institutions are two other industries of great interest to Barcelona GSE students.

Placement by location


The highest percentage of the professional placement is in Spain (>30%) followed by UK and Germany (12% each) and by Belgium, France and Switzerland (9% each). Other countries of professional placement are United States, Peru, Turkey and Bangladesh.


53% of the professional placement is international (outside the country of origin); the rest of the students are going to undertake their professional project in their home countries.

Continuing education: 53% of students who have already achieved placement


Approximately 82% of those continuing their education are pursuing a PhD; from these, 56% are from the Master Program in Economics (designed especially for students who want to pursue a PhD further on), 19% from Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets, 12.5% from Finance and 12.5% from Health Economics and Policy. The rest will continue specializing with a second Master in topics such as Law, International Relations and Public Administration.


Of the students who will enter a PhD program next year, 18 of them (55% of those reporting) will do so at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), one of the Barcelona GSE's reference doctoral programs. This result shows GSE not only attracts talent, but also plays an important role in retaining it. The rest will continue their studies in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands or Sweden.

 68% About 68% of the students who will continue their education will do it abroad.


Some examples of professional placements by industry

Banc Sabadell
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
Intern-american Development Bank
La Caixa

Central banking
European Central Bank

AT Kearney
Oxford Economics
RBB Economics

International Organizations
European Commission



London School of Economics

Stockholm School of Economics

Tilburg University

Toulouse School of Economics

Universidad Carlos III

University of Mannheim

University of Zurich

Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF)

United States
Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Stanford University 

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Washington University in St. Louis


Indian School of Business


Class of 2012 Background Stats

Intake of students: 229

Nationalities: 57

(88% international student body)

Average Age: 24 years

60% of students had 1-3 years of work experience prior to entering the master.

Student academic backgrounds


 Economics / Finance 76%
 Management / Business Administration 10%
 Mathematics / Engineering 9%
 Social Sciences / Law 4%
 Natural Sciences 1%

GSE Master Programs

GSE Alumni & Friends