Prof. Omar Licandro named Secretary General of the International Economic Association

Professor Omar Licandro (IAE-CSIC and Barcelona GSE) has been named Secretary General of the International Economic Association. He will take over the position from fellow IAE-CSIC member and Barcelona GSE Research Professor, Joan-Maria Esteban.

The International Economic Association (IEA) is an international federation of national economic associations, formed by a core group of academics, scholars and distinguished economists, from developed and developing countries. The IEA was founded in 1950 as a non-governmental organization, with the aim to promote personal contacts and mutual understanding among economists in different parts of the world through the organization of scientific meetings, common research programs and by means of publications of an international character on economic policies and problems of current importance.

According to Prof. Licandro, the main focus of the IEA for the near future will be to support top quality research in developing regions. "A better understanding of the main economic problems faced by these regions will improve our knowledge on some key economic issues, help to change our views and research focuses, to finally support good economic policy advice at the local, regional and global levels," Prof. Licandro said.

He explained that part of the Association's work involves helping to build bridges with research centers of excellence in economics. "The Barcelona GSE is a worldwide-recognized center of excellence in economic research aiming to become one of the few places where the frontier of knowledge is debated and defined," Prof. Licandro said. "In this sense, having the Secretary of the IEA is for us of fundamental importance, because it will allow us to better interact with the developing world."

About Omar Licandro

Omar Licandro (PhD, Catholic University of Louvain) is Research Professor at the Institute for Economic Analysis (CSIC), which he first joined in 2009. He is also a Fellow of CEPR. He was Associate Professor at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid from 1991-1994, Senior Researcher at FEDEA from 1994-2001, and Professor at the European University Institute in Italy from 2001-2009. He has been Associate Editor of Annales d'Economie et de Statistique, Investigaciones Economicas and the Spanish Economic Review. Prof. Licandro served as Research Director of the Barcelona GSE from 2010-12.

His main research field is Macroeconomics with special interest in Growth Theory. His main contributions are on vintage capital theory and embodied technical progress. He has recently contributed to the literature on the transition from Malthus to Modern Growth, as well as the competitive role of trade, in particular under firm heterogeneity.



Omar Licandro is Research Professor at the Institute for Economic Analysis (CSIC) and Affiliated Professor at the Barcelona GSE.

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