Recruiters drawn to campus by performance of GSE alumni in the workplace and academia

During the last few months, the Barcelona GSE has hosted several recruitment talks from employers and universities, who come to seek out potential candidates for job openings, or to promote their PhD programs.

The rigorous academic training that students receive at Barcelona GSE marks them as sought after candidates for competitive places in top companies and doctoral programs alike.

Excellent work from day one

Among the companies that have come recruiting at Barcelona GSE are names such as Bax & Willems, Banco de España, LECG, Frontier Economics, and Neo Metrics. "The GSE graduates that we have hired in the past have been working out excellently from day one in our company, and that is why we come back year after year for our recruiting efforts," said Pau Agulló of Neo Metrics.

“Students attending our talk showed a high level of interest and proactivity," said recruiter Julia Lucena-Betriu (Frontier Economics). "We look forward to receiving their CVs!”

Universities join companies on recruiter talk schedule

Barcelona GSE’s students aren’t only attractive to employment recruiters, but PhD recruiters as well. Several universities have sent representatives to Barcelona GSE to introduce their PhD programs and encourage students to apply for the next year. Among these universities are the European University Institute and the Graduate Program in Economics, Finance and Management (GPEFM) at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, as well as the International Doctorate in Economic Analysis (IDEA) at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. Both GPEFM and IDEA are Barcelona GSE reference doctoral programs.

It’s not surprising that many universities are actively seeking out GSE students. GSE alumni from previous years have gone on to study at renowned institutes in the United States such as University of Chicago, University of Michigan, Yale, and Harvard, and distinguished European institutes such as the London School of Economics, Bonn Graduate School of Economics, Louvain La Neuve, and Toulouse School of Economics.

Recruiter talks - Barcelona GSE

Students appreciate variety and insight

The student reaction to the campus recruitment talks has been very positive. "Having the recruitment talks has been of a great help not only by increasing the efficiency of the job seeking process but also by offering an insider's view on the current state of the industry and what do employers want from us, the future graduates," said Corina Boar, a student in the Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets Program. "Another good thing was the fact that the talks brought together recruiters from all areas, such as consulting companies and central banks, offering great diversity and choice."

Students also appreciated the depth of information and specific advice that the speakers offered. “I had looked at Bax & Willems before the recruitment talk but Rolf, one of their consultants, provided insight well beyond their website," said Economics of Science and Innovation student Niels Schlesier.

Information for recruiters

Recruiters who wish to schedule a campus presentation or interview day with Barcelona GSE students can do so by sending an email to

Employers who have visited the GSE campus include:

Banco de España Bax & Willems Frontier Economics LECG
Neometrics NERA Economic Consulting oecd Oxera


Doctoral program presentations on campus have included:

European University Institute UPF - GPEFM UAB - IDEA


Pau Agulló

Pau Agulló, Neo Metrics

"The GSE graduates that we have hired in the past have been working out excellently from day one in our company, and that is why we come back year after year for our recruiting efforts."


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