Timothy J. Kehoe named Doctor Honoris Causa by UAB


The long-time guest professor and member of the Barcelona GSE Scientific Council was honored with a ceremony and a macroeconomics workshop

On March 16, Professor Timothy J. Kehoe (University of Minnesota, US Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis) was awarded the Honoris Causa PhD by Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB).

A valued collaborator in the Barcelona economics community

Professor Kehoe has been participating in the Barcelona research community for more than 30 years. Students, researchers, and institutions alike have benefited from his many contributions. These contributions have included teaching hundreds of students in the International Master and Doctorate in Economic Analysis (IDEA) at UAB, as well as the Barcelona GSE Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets master program. Professor Kehoe is also a member of the Barcelona GSE Scientific Council.

UAB Rector Ferran Sancho presents Prof. Kehoe with the honoris causa award

At the ceremony, Professor Jordi Caballé (UAB, MOVE and Barcelona GSE) spoke about Prof. Kehoe’s merits as a researcher, a teacher, and an active member of the local academic community, that make him deserving of the honoris causa degree. 

“Both from his extremely prestigious academic merits, which are certified by the importance of his scientific contributions and teaching, and from the links to our university and to the Catalan and Spanish academic community, we can conclude that Dr. Timothy Kehoe is an economist who fully deserves the PhD honoris causa granted by our university,” Professor Caballé said. “Through his excellent teaching and supervision, [he] has planted the seeds of the abundant scientific production conducted by several generations of economists.”

Prof. Jordi Caballé presents Prof. Kehoe's merits at the honoris causa ceremony

Professor Nezih Guner (ICREA-MOVE, UAB and Barcelona GSE) added, “When Tim is at UAB, his door has always been open for PhD students to discuss their research. With Tim’s invitation, several IDEA PhD students have also been able to visit the Department of Economics at the University of Minnesota and the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. Tim is very passionate about economics and, lucky for us, his passion is contagious.”

In honor of Prof. Kehoe, the MOVE-Barcelona GSE Macroeconomics Workshop was organized on March 18 by Prof. Caballé, Prof. Guner, and Prof. Albert Marcet (ICREA-IAE, MOVE and Barcelona GSE). Presenters included current and former students of Prof. Kehoe in the IDEA program as well as Barcelona GSE Chairman Ramon Marimon and other colleagues from the Catalan and Spanish research communities.

Professors Robert E. Lucas (University of Chicago, Nobel Laureate in Economics, 1995), Nancy Stokey (University of Chicago), and Andreu Mas-Colell (UPF and Barcelona GSE) at the ceremony for Prof. Kehoe

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