Who is sitting next to you? Meet the GSE Class of 2013


When new masters students in the Barcelona GSE Class of 2013 look around the classroom this fall, they will be pleased to discover the rich academic, professional, and geographic diversity that surrounds them.

Of the 245 students in this year's class, 92% are international (41% from outside Europe). While half of them entered the GSE directly after completing another academic program, the other half come with professional experience as economists, researchers, or analysts in the public and private sectors.

Names and faces of the Barcelona GSE Class of 2013

Click through the gallery below to meet 10 of the 245 members of the Barcelona GSE Class of 2013. (Students are listed alphabetically by master program. Click on the program titles below to view specific class profile information for each GSE master program.)

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Alessia Marrazzo

Home Town: Naples, Italy

Master in Economics and Finance (University of Naples "Federico II")

Master Program in: Competition and Market Regulation

Why I chose Barcelona GSE: "I chose Barcelona GSE because I'm sure it will give me the right tools to get access to such a competitive market as today's labor market. The reputation of Barcelona GSE and the presence of important experts working in my field of interest make this the best place possible to improve my economics knowledge, develop my skills and reach my professional goals."

Career Plans:"I would like to put economic theory to work, that's why I wish to work in a consultancy company. I'm very interested in the energy sector."


Cecilia Nardini

Home Town: La Spezia, Italy

Master in Economics and Social Science (Bocconi University)
Ofcom, UK (Graduate Economist)

Master Program in: Competition and Market Regulation

Why I chose Barcelona GSE: "The Competition master program was strongly recommended to me by my supervisor at Bocconi University and by a friend who had a great experience here. Both pointed out the world-renowned faculty and the relevance and comprehensiveness of the topics covered. Furthermore, at the competition authority I worked for, names of Barcelona GSE faculty or alumni were mentioned regularly as being the leading experts in the field. I then came to Barcelona GSE earlier this year for a professional training and was so impressed with the level of the course that I decided to apply for the master the day after!"

Career Plans: "My intention is to progress with my career in competition, and to put to use the skills I will acquire during the master, working either for a competition authority or an economic consultancy firm. I am also considering a PhD though, so I might even decide to have that experience before going back to work."


Ma Linxiang

Home Town: Shanghai, China

Bachelor in Management (Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade, China)
Master in Economics (University of Essex)

Master Program in: Economics

Why I chose Barcelona GSE: "During my last year at Essex, I was considering where to go to pursue future PhD study. I asked my professor for advice, and he recommended that I seriously consider applying to Barcelona GSE. Barcelona GSE is a great place for economic study. The faculty is great in economic teaching and research and can give me a concrete foundation in advanced theories. After just three weeks here in Barcelona, I think it is the most brilliant decision I’ve ever made."

Career Plans: "I would like to apply for doctoral studies in the future. I haven’t decided where to go yet since it all depends on my performance here. I consider UPF a good choice since we have several professors doing research in my particular field of interest, namely Competition Policy. I think I might also apply to some top US and Europe departments, but the most important thing is to find a good supervisor in my field."


Gabriela Galassi

Home Town: Cipolletti, Río Negro (Argentina)

PhD in Demography (National University of Cordoba, Argentina)
Institute for the Study of Argentine and Latin American Reality - IERAL (Researcher)

Master Program in: Economics of Public Policy

Why I chose Barcelona GSE: "Barcelona GSE is a very well reputed school, which gathers two of the most prestigious universities in Economics (UAB and UPF) and has faculty from many worldwide renowned institutions. It offers master programs with high academic quality that cover specialized topics of current interest. Since I was very young, I have been interested in Economics, which was my undergraduate major. I am particularly interested in the behavior of the public sector, and the Barcelona GSE Master in Economics of Public Policy is undoubtedly my first choice to improve my knowledge in this field."

Career Plans: "My passion is research in Public Policy, especially regarding Social Policy, either applied or at the academic level. After graduating, I am planning to continue research on the topic. Given the current worldwide crisis of the welfare state in different scenarios and territories with diverse level of development, I want to devote my future efforts toward understanding the ongoing processes in different geographic spaces. In the long run, my goal is to contribute to the relevant theoretical discussion towards finding new ideas which could mitigate the impact of shocks such as the one we are going through."


Thang Nguyen

Home Town: Hanoi, Vietnam

Bachelor in Economics (Ohio Wesleyan University, USA)

Master Program in: Economics of Public Policy

Why I chose Barcelona GSE: "I chose Barcelona GSE for its emphasis on building a strong quantitative and analytic background for its students, which are applicable to both the workplace and academia. The GSE brand name is also very reputable in the States when it comes to applying for PhD degrees. Besides, I'd love to learn another UN-official language, a new culture and a new challenge – there's nowhere better than Barcelona."

Career Plans: "I plan to get my PhD and work in an international organization – specializing in pension and social protection policy. My ultimate goal is to return to Vietnam and work for the government."


Jorge Pozo

Home Town: Lima, Peru

Bachelor in Engineering Economics (UNI, Peru)
Central Reserve Bank of Peru (Monetary Policy Analyst)

Master Program in: Finance

Why I chose Barcelona GSE: "I chose Barcelona GSE because it is a great institution for research and has a world-class faculty. I chose the Master in Finance because it’s based on exhaustive training in important areas of Finance, combining theory and practice with the opportunity to meet professionals from top financial institutions. This is great for anyone who either wants to get a top job as soon as he or she finishes the master or wants to continue with a doctoral program and do academic research."

Career Plans: "After getting the master degree, I would like to continue with a doctoral program in Europe or the United States or work in a research department in any financial institution. Whatever I choose, I believe that the Barcelona GSE master program will give me the basis for a more sophisticated way of thinking, which will allow me to be part of the management team of a financial firm or an international financial body in the future."


Luis Ortiz-Blas

Home Town: Mexico City

Bachelor in Economics (CIDE, Mexico)
World Bank Country Office for Mexico and Colombia
(Junior Professional Associate)

Master Program in: Health Economics and Policy

Why I chose Barcelona GSE: "It’s a very desirable combination: a top institution in economic research, a well-structured program, a multicultural environment and a wonderful city."

Career Plans: "After this master, I plan to continue working in the health sector with better understanding and rigorous methods. I would like to return to international organizations and participate actively in the continous transformation of the health sector applying the new skills and methodologies obtained in this master program."


Natàlia Pascual

Home Town: Barcelona

Master in Public Management (UPF-UAB-UB)

Master Program in: Health Economics and Policy 

Why I chose Barcelona GSE: "Coming from a Political Science background I chose the Program in Health Economics and Public Policy to complete my training in Economics. I believe it will give me methodological skills as well as a strong theoretical framework, both of which are needed to assess health policy challenges. Also, it is a great opportunity to have an international experience with top students from all over the world in a city that is becoming a European reference on health research and innovation."

Career Plans: "One of the master’s strength is that it allows you to explore the possibilities you may have both in the professional and research paths. My main objective is to apply what I learn to improve my research on Health Economics and to become a skilled decision maker on Health Policy."


Arpita Khanna

Home Town: Chandigarh, India

Background:Master in Economics (Punjab University)

Master Program in: International Trade, Finance, and Development

Why I chose Barcelona GSE: "I chose the Barcelona GSE for a multitude of reasons – most important of which was its international reputation and the outstanding faculty. I also chose the School because of the unique master programs it offered. The International Trade, Finance and Development combines the three fields of Economics I am most interested in. Also, I felt that studying in a class where a major percentage of students are international students would be a great learning experience. Getting the opportunity to live in a city like Barcelona for a year was an incentive in itself."

Career Plans:"Since my interest in the subject is immense, I would really like my career path to be intensively in the field of Economics. After finishing my master degree, I would like to work in an international organization like The World Bank, IMF, or UNDP. I firmly believe that this master program will help me acquire the required skills and knowledge one would need to work in such organizations."


Ivanna Echegoyen

Home Town: Montevideo, Uruguay

Bachelor in Economics (University of the Republic, Uruguay)
The World Bank, Uruguay (Junior Professional Associate)

Master Program in: Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets

Why I chose Barcelona GSE: "Firstly, I chose Barcelona GSE for being a highly recognized school offering rigorous programs that provide a strong combination of theoretical and practical knowledge. I was also motivated by first hand experiences from Barcelona GSE alumni who were fully satisfied with the quality of their courses and their usefulness for their professional careers. In addition, the GSE’s international environment is clearly a plus for me, as it not only magnifies learning opportunities, but also makes the whole experience much more enriching. All this, combined with Barcelona being a great place to live did not make it a difficult choice. "

Career Plans: "I joined the master program after having worked in two multilateral organizations and a multinational company. I really enjoyed these experiences, particularly the opportunity of working on Applied Economics, learning from very talented people in multicultural groups, and facing new challenges prompted to a great extent by a changing international context. After finishing the Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets program, I would like to see myself working in a similar scenario, but being better equipped in terms of technical tools in order to be able to face new challenges and make larger contributions throughout my professional career."


Class of 2013 Stats

  • Intake of students: 245
  • Nationalities: 60
  • Average Age: 24 years
  • Male/Female Ratio: 2:1

Countries with 5 or more students: (number of students in parenthesis)

  • Germany (36)
  • Italy (31)
  • Spain (24)
  • United States (15)
  • China (9)
  • Mexico (8)
  • Turkey (8)
  • India (7)
  • Bulgaria (6)