Guillaume Haeringer

UAB and Barcelona GSE - on leave


PhD, Université Louis Pasteur

Guillaume Haeringer is Associate Professor at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professor (currently on leave at Baruch College).

Specializing in market design, game theory, and social choice, Prof. Haeringer focuses his research on the design and analysis of market institutions, with a special interest in situations to which the traditional competitive approach is not well suited. Much of his recent investigation concerns the study of matching markets, which involves the use of theoretical advancements to analyze real-life situations and design practical solutions that can be implemented by policymakers.

His research on the analysis of mechanisms to assign students to schools and matching markets has been published in the American Economic Review, the Journal of Economic Theory, and the International Journal of Game Theory. Professor Haeringer has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and economics and a PhD in economics from the Université de Strasbourg.

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