PhD, Harvard University

Professor Nevo is the G. A. Weiss and L. Bravo Weiss Professor of Economics and Marketing, University of Pennsylvania and former Chief Economist, Antitrust Division, U.S. Department of Justice.

His research focuses on estimating the demand for consumer packaged goods and the implications for price competition, mergers, and marketing. He has also done research in the areas of health economics, health care, telecom, and real estate.

He is a fellow of the Econometric Society, a research associate of NBER, an international research fellow at the Institute for Fiscal Studies in London, and co-editor of the RAND Journal of Economics.

Professor Nevo earned a Ph.D. in 1997 and AM in 1994 in economics from Harvard University and a BSc with Special Honors in mathematics and economics from Tel Aviv University in 1991.