Energy Economics: Current Methods and Policy Challenges

Course overview

The Barcelona GSE Intensive Course on Energy Economics: Current Methods and Policy Challenges serves as a forum for participants to discuss the main challenges facing the energy sector. The course also provides participants with a deep understanding of the main concepts and tools needed to analyze the performance of energy markets. Relevant global regulatory experiences in the energy sector are used to illustrate the main topics of the course.

The faculty includes leading academic economists and practitioners with extensive expertise in the area.

Key benefits

Energy markets are at a crossroads. Technology change is having a dramatic impact in the energy industry: the contribution of renewable energies has grown rapidly during the last five years, and new sources of gas are been found. This poses new challenges for market design and environmental policy. Energy has to be affordable, sustainable and secure and yet no single country or region has found the recipe to achieve this triple objective. Do electricity markets fail and if so why? Do regulators need new instruments to guide investment incentives and if so which? How should the efforts towards increasing energy efficiency be undertaken? Is retail competition in the energy sector feasible and desirable? The regulatory debate in electricity markets is as open and exciting as ever.