CREI Macroeconomics Summer School

The Barcelona CREI Macroeconomics Summer School offers an overview of the current state of research in key areas of macroeconomics.

The courses, which are taught by leading experts in their fields, cover recent developments in different areas of macroeconomics, including growth, international finance and trade, asset bubbles, political reform, financial intermediation, fiscal and monetary policy and forecasting. The courses are aimed at advanced undergraduate and graduate students, as well as more senior researchers and practitioners willing to brush up their knowledge and expose themselves to the latest advances in academic research. During the summer school, faculty are available for discussion of participants’ research ideas, as well as the lectures’ contents.

CREIThis Summer School is jointly organized by the Barcelona GSE and the Center for Research in International Economics (CREI), a research institute sponsored by the Generalitat de Catalunya and Universitat Pompeu Fabra, in fulfilment of its aim to promote the dissemination of research in macroeconomics and related areas.

Course list for 2018

10 courses will be offered in the CREI-Macroeconomics Summer School:

  • Economic Growth and Inequality
    Instructor: Gino Gancia
  • Finance, Firm Dynamics and the Business Cycle: Theory and Empirical Evidence
    Instructor: Andrea Caggese
  • Financial Intermediation, Macroeconomics and Public Policy
    Instructor: José-Luis Peydró
  • Firms, Networks, and Macro Fluctuations
    Instructor: Julian di Giovanni
  • Government Inefficiency and Reform
    Instructor: Giacomo Ponzetto
  • Macroeconomics of Credit and Asset Bubbles
    Instructor: Jaume Ventura
  • Macroeconomics of Financial Globalization
    Instructor: Alberto Martín
  • Numerical Methods for Fiscal and Monetary Policy Analysis
    Instructor: Davide Debortoli

    • Companion course: Numerical Methods: Computer Lab Practicals
  • Recent Developments in Forecasting
    Instructor: Barbara Rossi

    • Companion course: Forecasting: Computer Lab Practicals
  • Sovereign Debt Crises: Theory, Evidence, and Policy
    Instructor: Fernando Broner

See below for detailed course descriptions and instructor biographies

Course schedule

Courses can be taken individually or jointly, and/or in combination with courses in other BGSE Summer School programs, schedule permitting.

Summer school time table

* This course is only available for students who enroll in the Numerical Methods for Fiscal and Monetary Policy Analysis course.
** This course is only available for students who enroll in the Recent Developments in Forecasting course.

Program director


Alberto Martín

PhD, Columbia University

CREI, UPF, and Barcelona GSE - on leave

Applications are now closed.

Applications are closed for the 2018 edition of the Summer School courses. Dates and fees for Summer 2019 to be announced.

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