The Barcelona GSE Summer Forum brings hundreds of top researchers from around the globe to Barcelona to debate the present and future of the frontier of knowledge in Economics.

The Summer Forum is a series of independent workshops that cover the main fields of Economics. With each edition, the Barcelona GSE Summer Forum has grown in participation by top researchers, selectivity of papers chosen for each workshop, and reputation as the summer meeting point in Europe for colleagues with common research interests.

Workshops 2018

Workshops are listed alphabetically. Select a workshop to view organizers, programs, and lists of speakers from previous editions:

Workshop Title Workshop Dates
Advances in Micro Development Economics June 14-15
Applied Industrial Organization June 21-22
Asset Prices, Finance and Macroeconomics June 20-22
Bounded Rationality, Cognition and Strategic Uncertainty June 19-20
Children's Health, Well-being, and Human Capital Formation June 18-19
Consumer Search and Switching Costs June 11-12
Data Science for Economics June 15
Digital Economics June 21-22
Economic Analysis of Electoral Politics June 11
Economic Growth and Fluctuations June 14-15
Economics of Science and Innovation June 14-15
External Validity, Generalizability and Replicability of Economic Experiments June 19-20
Firms in the Global Economy June 12-13
Geography, Economic Policy and Political Structure June 14
Geography, Trade and Growth June 18-19
High-dimensional Statistics and Random Structures June 18-19
International Capital Flows June 18-19
Migration June 11-12
Monetary Policy and Central Banking June 14-15
Network Effects on Consumption, Information, Contracts, and Communities: Theory and Data June 11-12
Organizational Economics June 14-15
Political Institutions June 12-13
Stochastic Choice June 18-19
Structural Microeconometrics June 20-21
Time Series Econometrics and Applications for Macroeconomics and Finance June 14-15
Towards Sustained Economic Growth: Geography, Institutions, and Human Capital June 18-19
Uncertainty in Macro and Finance June 20-21

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Archive of past editions

Summer Forum 2017

  • 26 workshops
  • 357 papers presented (1,357 papers submitted to workshop calls)
  • 793 researchers from more than 200 institutions worldwide

Media Center
Videos, photos, and highlights from the 2017 edition

Workshop schedule (web version)

Full conference program (pdf)

Summer Forum 2016

  • 26 workshops
  • 331 papers presented (1,310 submitted to workshop calls)
  • 700+ researchers from 30 countries

Media Center
Videos, photos, and highlights from the 2016 edition

Workshop schedule (web version)

Full conference program (pdf)

Summer Forum 2015

  • 28 workshops
  • 386 papers presented (1,228 submitted to workshop calls)
  • 850 researchers from around the world

Full program [pdf]

Videos, photos, and highlights

Summer Forum 2014

  • 23 workshops
  • 305 papers presented (982 submitted to workshop calls)
  • 673 participants

Video playlist

  • Policy Roundtable with George Borjas, Caterina Calsamiglia, and Victory Lavy on Education and Immigration
  • Policy Lecture on Chinese Economy by Fabrizio Zilibotti

Full program [pdf]

Summer Forum 2013

  • 17 workshops
  • 225 papers presented (515 submitted to workshop calls)
  • 400 participants

Video Playlist

  • Policy roundtable on financial crises with Roger Farmer, Jaume Ventura, Jordi Galí, and Xavier Vives
  • Policy roundtable on development with Omar Licandro, Rohini Pande, Mark Rosenzweig, and Debraj Ray

Full program [pdf]