Political Economy of International Integration

The workshop will run for 1 day and will take place on June 10, 2020 in Barcelona.

The goal of this workshop is to discuss recent theoretical and empirical studies on the political economy of international integration. We encourage submissions of theoretical and empirical papers addressing issues including:

  • The political economy of international trade, including goods and asset trade.
  • International migration and its economic and political effects.
  • The economics and politics of international borders.
  • Terms-of-trade and enforcement externalities.
  • The design of international treaties and supranational institutions.

The workshop is proposed as a continuation of the workshop on Geography, Economic Policy and Political Structure organized in the 2018 Summer Forum, which counted with the participation of prominent scholars from all around the world, including Klaus Desmet (Southern Methodist University), Ruixue Jia (University of California, San Diego) and Marco Tabellini (Harvard Business School).

Keynote speaker

Giovanni Maggi (Yale University)

Workshop organizers

Workshop program


Download a pdf version of this workshop's program:

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