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Master in Health Economics and Policy

This is an archive page for a previously offered program. Current applicants may be interested in the Economics of Public Policy Program.

Program Archive

The Health Economics and Policy Program ran from 2011-2014 and graduated three cohorts of students (a total of 34 students from 17 countries).

Master degree awarded to graduates

Master Degree in Specialized Economic Analysis awarded jointly by Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB).

Language of instruction: English 
Program structure: one year, full time

Academic and professional background of program graduates

  • Graduates in economics, business administration, engineering, health sciences
  • Junior scientists and consultants with some background in economics looking for advanced tools in health technology evaluation and health policy
  • Aspiring PhD students looking for a rigorous master program in health economics

Employer profiles

  • Health, policy, and pricing divisions in pharmaceutical companies
  • Health technology evaluation agencies
  • Consulting firms for the health industry
  • Health authorities

Employers of Barcelona GSE Health Economics and Policy alumni include:

  • Alliance Healthcare (Spain)
  • Biruu (Australia)
  • Brookings Institution (USA)
  • Fundació Clínic (Spain)
  • MetLife (USA)
  • Nobel Biocare (Spain)
  • OECD (France)
  • Shanghai Centennial Scientific (China)
  • Southeast University (Bangladesh)
  • Technopolis Group (Belgium)
  • TI Salud (Mexico)
  • Tufts Medical Center (USA)
  • World Health Organization (Philippines)

Skill set acquired by master graduates

  • Health technology evaluation and a critical appraisal of current methods
  • Policy-oriented decision-making, both in the short run (e.g., pricing, reimbursement of pharmaceutical drugs) and in the long run (e.g., R&D incentives)
  • A solid background in quantitative methods
  • Compare and assess the performance of different health systems

To hire Health Economics and Policy graduates, please contact the Barcelona GSE Alumni Placement Office at placement@barcelonagse.eu

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Master Degree in Specialized Economic Analysis awarded by:



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Home » Programs of Study » Master Programs » Health Economics and Policy

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