10th anniversary activities

The main celebration of this milestone will take place in Barcelona on March 31 and April 1, 2017.


Roundtable with members of the Barcelona GSE Scientific Council 
"The Practical Influence of Economic Research"

12:00, UPF Auditorium

Students, alumni, faculty, and friends are invited to attend this panel discussion with distinguished members of the Barcelona GSE Scientific Council:

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Richard Blundell
University College London
Matthew Jackson
Stanford University
Anne Krueger
Johns Hopkins University
Alvin Roth
Stanford University
Nobel Laureate
Christopher Sims
Princeton University
Nobel Laureate

Barcelona GSE 10 years review

13:30, UPF Auditorium

Joaquin Almunia photo Andreu Mas-Colell photo
Joaquín Almunia
Honorary President of the Barcelona GSE
Ramon Marimon
Chairman of the Barcelona GSE
Andreu Mas-Colell
Founder of the Barcelona GSE
Hugo Sonnenschein
Honorary President of the BGSE Scientific Council

Lunch and Happy Birthday Barcelona GSE

14:00, outside UPF Auditorium

Research Workshops

16:00-18:30, UPF Building 40

Three academic workshops:

  • Applied Economics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Microeconomics

A dinner will be organized for workshop participants and Scientific Council members on Friday evening.


On Saturday, the Barcelona GSE Scientific Council Meeting will take place at the Institute for Economic Analysis (IAE-CSIC) at UAB Bellaterra Campus. Reunion activities for alumni and current students will take place at UPF Ciutadella Campus:

Alumni Reunion

Save the date to join students and alumni from all 10 cohorts of Barcelona GSE masters promotions for this very special reunion event! 

11:00-14:00 Welcome and registration
11:00-13:00 Alumni Experiences
more information coming soon!
13:00-14:00 Cold lunch

Alumni Meeting Plenary Session
current students are most welcome to attend as well!

  • Alumni representative speech
  • Presentation of the BGSE Alumni Initiative
  • Remarks by BGSE Director Teresa Garcia-Milà
16:00-17:00 Career Sessions
more information coming soon!
17:00-18:00 Team building and networking activity
more information coming soon!
20:30 Dinner at SalCafe by the beach
23:00 Party at SalCafe for alumni and current students


Share your memories from the Barcelona GSE's first ten years: #BGSE10