Originally from Trinidad and Tobago

Gerard Mitchell '17 has an undergraduate degree in Trust and Wealth Management and an MBA from Campbell University in North Carolina (USA).


I chose BGSE for my masters because I really enjoyed what the program had to offer. It was more detailed into what I possibly want to do in the future. I also enjoyed the fact of being able to live in Barcelona for the next year of my life and also pursue an area that really interested me.

My first impressions really have to be the people. My classmates, the administrators and the staff, everyone is really nice and they really try to make you feel at home. They're really understanding of the different culture barriers that you face and they try to make you feel at home when you first come to Barcelona, because it is a lot to take in at first, but I've really enjoyed my stay here so far.

I expect to learn more about macroeconomic policy but also about how different economies work, and how I can apply what I learn in the classroom to real world situations, and hopefully in the long-run be able to make a change in whatever area of economics I enter.